Meghan Kelly trending for her coverage of the suffering victims Harry & Meghan


A total of 17.1 million people watched Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bad-mouth their racist royal family who nearly sent Meghan to her death — if you believe her. Meghan Kelly doesn’t believe her:

The poor dears have to live in this dump:


Senior members of the Royal Family – including the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William – were said to be locked in crisis talks over the Oprah interview.

And The Times reported overnight that the Queen had refused to sign off a prepared statement – with the monarch reportedly wanting more time to consider her response.

A royal insider told the Daily Mail that Harry had pressed the “nuclear button on his own family” with the two-hour interview.

But royal insiders claimed there was a sense of “intense personal shock and sadness” – with the palace said to be paralysed with “horror and dismay”.

A source said: “There’s a lot people want to say but no one wins with a tit-for-tat battle.”

Concerns have now been raised that this week, all senior members of the Royal Family are expected to carry out public engagements – where they could face questions about the Oprah interview.

A senior royal source told the Telegraph: “The institution needs to lead the response to this. What a sad, terrible morning.”

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