Meghan Kelly trending for her coverage of the suffering victims Harry & Meghan


A total of 17.1 million people watched Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bad-mouth their racist royal family who nearly sent Meghan to her death — if you believe her. Meghan Kelly doesn’t believe her:

The poor dears have to live in this dump:


Senior members of the Royal Family – including the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William – were said to be locked in crisis talks over the Oprah interview.

And The Times reported overnight that the Queen had refused to sign off a prepared statement – with the monarch reportedly wanting more time to consider her response.

A royal insider told the Daily Mail that Harry had pressed the “nuclear button on his own family” with the two-hour interview.

But royal insiders claimed there was a sense of “intense personal shock and sadness” – with the palace said to be paralysed with “horror and dismay”.

A source said: “There’s a lot people want to say but no one wins with a tit-for-tat battle.”

Concerns have now been raised that this week, all senior members of the Royal Family are expected to carry out public engagements – where they could face questions about the Oprah interview.

A senior royal source told the Telegraph: “The institution needs to lead the response to this. What a sad, terrible morning.”



  1. At least it did better than the Globes, bwahaha!
    I listened to a few lines then turned up the music louder, it was one of those times when I wish there was a powerful amplifier hooked up to the soundcard.
    Remember My Belle Michelle complaining about living in the White House?
    Yes, there are people that clueless in the world.

  2. They need money, are used to a lavish lifestyle, which requires security. I don’t support them, but they have been so attacked, and I have not heard of them spouting any left wing nonsense in the interviews. I see the interviews which I have heard about as mild.

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