Megyn Kelly Gives NBC What They Want – Trashes Her Former Network, Emloyees and Fired Hosts


Megyn Kelly is making hay out of Bill O’Reilly and the Fox News network again Tuesday after her first potential ratings bonanza Monday during which she piled on to the former Fox News host, employees, and the Fox News network which gave her a career. Her ratings have been the most abysmal NBC News has seen in Today Show history.

One of her biggest drawbacks to being successful on the show is her former history with Fox News who made her. NBC’s left-wing audience hates Fox.

Kelly called out her former colleague and promoter and their once-common employer who gave her a career for fostering an unsafe workplace environment and silencing the voices of accusers. If true, why did she stay?

She went so far as to single out Fox News media relations chief Irena Briganti for “vindictiveness.” The network put out a strong statement in support of Ms. Briganti.

Kelly’s comments marked a stark shift in style and tone for her nascent NBC morning show, Megyn Kelly Today, as its ratings continue to tank. What she did yesterday and today is what NBC hired her to do.

The ratings for Kelly’s show were down 32% from the same time slot at NBC a year ago. The show has been criticized from the moment it began in September, and has, at times, looked like a total mismatch. Her Sunday magazine was also a disaster.

On Today’s Tuesday show, she played a clip of Juliet Huddy saying not much from the day before and went into some gossipy interviews with NBC employees to discuss how they were sexually harassed.

She is having trouble getting celebrities to come on to her show, publicists have told Variety. After this sexual harassment gig dies down, she might find herself in the same place she was in last week unless she can keep it up.

If she finds more reasons to trash the right, the President, the Fox network and her former mentors, she might win over the NBC audience. Whether that is the reasons she is doing what she is doing, we can’t say.

Bill O’Reilly hit back and released notes she sent to him in which she thanks him and calls him a “class act”, supportive, a “true friend and mentor”.

Megyn Kelly



She could be a hit with her new style that matched her old anti-Trump style.

CNN media critic tweeted: “The Megyn Kelly that addressed this issue in the first person on “Today” likely a lot closer to the one that NBC thought it was hiring.”

NY times TV critic James Poniewozik‏ tweeted: “This is strong, and having Kelly get serious about things she’s passionate about would be a much better direction for the show.”

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