Melania didn’t take Dr. Jill on a WH tour! Doc needed a tour?


Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden said Tuesday it is “unfortunate” that first lady Melania Trump had not initiated a White House tour for her mother, incoming first lady Jill Biden. However, it must be noted that fake doc Jill spent a lot of time in the White House as Joe’s wife for eight years.

“No, I don’t think they’re doing the traditional protocol, which is unfortunate, but I think we’re all OK with it,” Ashley Biden told NBC’s “Today.”

The “tea and tour” is a tradition for the outgoing first lady to acquaint her successor with living in the White House.

Uh, Joe was vice president for eight years and she was his wife at the time, but she needs a tour? Dr. Jill must be as confused as her husband. We should all send her a layout.

Ashley is just like dad, and that’s not a good thing.


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