Memoralizing George Floyd the Day of Laken Riley’s Funeral


Laken Riley was a nursing student on the Dean’s List who was so brutally murdered by an illegal alien criminal that her skull and body were disfigured.

On the day of Laken Riley’s funeral, Joe Biden decided to memorialize criminal George Floyd. Floyd was a career criminal high on drugs, passing counterfeit money at the time of his death. He was so high at the time that there were enough drugs in his system to kill a horse.

He served five years in the Texas penetentiary for his involvement in the pistol whipping of a pregnant woman during a home invasion and theft. He held a gun to her stomach.

Biden wants Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, using Floyd’s name to vilify the police.

As Barack Obama would say, This is who we are now.

This is his moving tribute for George Floyd, but none for Laken Riley. It’s demonic.

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