California GOP Might Be Sacrificing a Seat for Nothing


California Republicans may lose a seat in the state’s crazy top-two open primary. They are putting up a candidate who likely can’t win over one who is beating Adam Schiff.

The Republican party of San Luis Obispo County is voting for Eric Early instead of Steve Garvey, who is beating Adam Schiff. It could give the heinous Democrat Katie Porter second place behind Adam Schiff, a far-left operative.


In 2009, Abel Maldonado, then a state senator, brought the top–two open primary to California. It allows the two leading finishers in a primary to proceed to the general election, regardless of party affiliation. It reshaped the state’s politics.

In an open primary, people vote for any candidate, regardless of party affiliation. However, a top-two primary system in California paved the way for two candidates of the same party to confront one another in the general election. As a result, political parties are no longer guaranteed a spot in the general election, nor can they dispense with moderates within their own party in a primary election. Louisiana and Washington also adopted the system.

Democrats instantly found a way to manipulate it to benefit them.

One of the immediate and foreseeable effects was that it incentivized candidates to broaden the field, recruiting additional candidates to dilute support for their most dangerous opponents.

That happened in the case of Honda versus Khanna in 2014. Khanna recruited candidates to enter the race as Republicans to split the vote three ways.

Recently, Republicans in Nassau ran a Democrat for a seat vacated by George Santos., a very conservative man. Predictably, many Republicans sat out the election.

The Democrat candidate who ran as a Republican was a lovely woman with good credentials. Still, she refused to become a Republican and said she wouldn’t vote for Trump if he were convicted, ignoring the Soviet-style prosecutions of the Left.


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