Men Have Tallywhackers & Shouldn’t Use Lady’s Restrooms



An MTA bus driver named Nana is a biological man, born with a tallywhacker, who uses the company’s female bathroom and shower. A female employee was upset as she saw him dress after showering. She said he needed to use the men’s restroom. It ended up with the woman knocking the phone out of Nana’s hand. The woman involved, Sonia, isn’t talking. She’s been arrested and charged with a harassment hate crime.

Really, not satire – a hate crime.

This shouldn’t be political or criminalized, but the hard Left has made it so. The majority of people say there are two genders, male and female. However, women aren’t born with tallywhackers, and saying you are a woman doesn’t make it so. Watch:

Tallywhackers in the Lady’s Locker Room

Nana’s out on leave because Nana says Nana’s too upset to work. Nana wants people who disagree with Nana to go through training.

Maybe Nana should go through a few biology lessons.

It’s not hate to want only biological females in a shower/bathroom facility, especially since more than a few transgenders sometimes switch between being men and women. T’s are intruding on women’s rights, and they are not women. T’s need to keep their exposed tallywhackers out of the lady’s room.

People are usually fine with T’s, but when T’s intrude on other’s rights, that’s something else.


So trying to stop a man, pretending to be a woman, filming in the women’s bathroom is now considered a hate crime and arrestable offense? And people ask why Americans are rejecting all this crazy LGBTQ BS!

Whatever is going on here, men need to stay out of women’s bathrooms and showers. We are done with this cosplay in real-time. Just stop it. When you were 5, you could pretend to be a princess if you wanted to, but now you are grown up and need to act like it.

Shouldn’t it be a crime for a man to record a woman in the women’s bathroom?

That MAN was looking for an opportunity, instigated and intimidated this woman, and is now trying to sue while she is being charged with a hate crime??! That dude needs to be charged with a hate crime.

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