Merrick Garland’s East German Stasi & the people who back him up


Merrick Garland is establishing an East German Stasi, Levin said last night on ‘Hannity’, adding that he is using a special number for offended teachers or Board members to call which is used for terrorist reports.

As he explained, the feds have NO authority to do this. This is a local law enforcement issue.

“Is Merrick Garland creating an East German Stasi-like FBI? Why is the DOJ getting involved in school board meetings and going after Moms as if they’re domestic terrorists? They’re spying and gathering intelligence on patriotic parents and unleashing the full force of the government to attack the constitutional rights of citizens throughout this country. This is an American Marxist overreach,” he said among a lot of other powerful comments.

He also talked about economics and coward Mitch McConnell. The debt ceiling is being raised to pay for their Marxist spending plans and McConnell’s going along with it.

Fortunately, Garland never made it to the Supreme Court or he would have been on that until he died.


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