Don Lemon calls for all OPINIONS censored if UNTRUE


Don Lemon wants all OPINIONS truth tested. After listening to the Democrat operative/fake Facebook whistleblower yesterday, it’s clear the Left wants the Right’s opinions censored out of the public square. By the way, the Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen will meet with the January 6 committee.  She claims the J6 event was downplayed.

On Tuesday night, Lemon said people should only be allowed to post their “opinion” if it is “true.” So who gets to judge?

“If someone says something about me, I should know that it’s Joe Smith who lives in Wisconsin,” said Lemon as he bloviated with Chris Cuomo at the opening of Lemon’s show. “You shouldn’t be allowed to just bully people with, you know, with no defense.”

Lemon and Chris Cuomo briefly discussed Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen before mentioning their proposed rules and regulations for social media platforms. Every one of them would censor users, not the allegedly errant companies.

“I think there should be even more parameters on the people who use it, how people are allowed to use it,” he said. “You should be identified to the company. That doesn’t mean the company has to share your information with law enforcement unless you do something that is, you know, detrimental to your fellow citizen — a threat or something like that.”

Then he said something that was 180 degrees opposite.

“You should know who is responding to you and who’s putting it out there, as well.” He would like to see a platform where “everybody is registered so that they have to own it. In fact, I would like it if people use their own names.”

Lemon should go live in Australia. They are doing exactly that now.

“What is put on your platform at the very least should be true. Let’s start there,” Lemon said.

Cuomo asked, what about opinion.

Lemon said opinion too. He obviously doesn’t know the definition of an opinion. This petty despot wants to shut down any opinion he doesn’t agree with and that is basically what social media is doing now.

Lemon told him, “You can have opinions based in fact.”

Fact-checkers have told me the same thing. The far-left looney fact-checkers are doing that now.

He doesn’t much care about the 1st Amendment and said he knows it is “stopping people from saying what they want, censoring people. But I think that we are well beyond that point,” he added. “This isn’t about censorship. This is about doing what is right.”

Who the hay is this know-nothing to take away our 1st Amendment?

Who will be the arbiter of truth? Anyone he agrees with?

He also wants consequences for the disobedient.

At least he doesn’t have much of an audience although any is too much. He’s a dangerous anti-American tyrant with a megaphone.

How far are we from this?

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

This idiot still around…Vetting “opinions” for truth??? How stupid can one really get???

2 years ago

If we truth tested everything, Liberals would never be allowed to speak. Liberals can’t tell the truth!

2 years ago

Don Lemon should be more concerned with the lies being verbalized daily in the Senate and the House of Representatives than with the loony posit that opinions should be vetted for truth.

It is a felony for a witness to lie to a congressional committee under oath, but our congress members (whether participating in a committee hearing or not) have no restrictions on lying to the American people (and into the Congressional Record) when they speak while in session. They also lie when in public. They’re immune from punishment for lying.

Don Lemon is beyond stupid to think that opinions should be censored. However, Big Tech does do a stellar job of exactly that.

Who Is the Bay Bay's daddy
Who Is the Bay Bay's daddy
2 years ago

Lemony Snickets just loves his white boyfriend!
Saw a hilarious tweet comeback saying my twit feed is bigger than your audience!
They are butthurt over decline viewers and want to make it mandatory.
Bwahaha! What channel is Donny on again?
Muh teevee? Oh hell the F’ no.
Breaking-Maury is the bay bay’s daddy!