Bolshevik Bernie wants his Soviet-style economy now, Joe Manchin!


Communist Bernie Sanders and his acolytes, including AOC, are pushing hard for the $3.5 trillion bill. It will immediately turn the USA into a socialist welfare state. There are a number of communist clauses that are included under euphemistic phrases. For instance, universal income is in there under the guise of tax credits and numerous other categories.


Bernie’s case is built on not knowing what an entitlement society is when there are children in poverty and seniors with teeth rotting in their mouths. He makes these comments as our open borders welcome impoverished peoples from every country in the world.

Sanders doesn’t want Joe Manchin rejecting the idea of the USA as an entitlement state. The Vermont senator’s response to Manchin is on the tweet below. Just remember as you read that nothing is free. Taking the money from the productive only makes them unproductive. No one will work hard for little incentive.

He doesn’t want us to be the only country not handing our family and medical leave, which is, of course, dishonest. Bernie rants in the statement about free childcare and PK – college education. Government education from birth through community college means the government gets to parent and indoctrinate the children during those years. We have already seen where they are headed with PC, cancel culture, CRT, and the 1619 Project.

Sanders is an old red diaper baby who never met a dictator he didn’t like. He can call himself a Democrat Socialist if he wants but their agenda is to the left of the Communist Party USA. He’s a Soviet-style communist and so is AOC and the rest of The Squad. Joe Biden has adopted the entire agenda, but he might not even know what that means.

This is a pathetic mess with a puppet/figurehead president and people behind the curtain who are answerable to no one. We do have an idea who they are. Biden hired most of Obama’s people and some of Soros’s.


This communist movement is why we see over-the-top mandates.

As Jesse Kelly said, “Sadly, warning about it will do little good. You have countless survivors of communism shouting that’s it’s happening here. People still won’t see. And tell them all you want, they do not understand how truly evil communism is. But they will. And soon. That’s all.”

That’s especially true given the fact that we have needy people, communists, criminals, terrorists, and transnational gangs pouring into the country.

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