Mexican Madman Vincente Fox Trolls Trump on Twitter


The failed former president of Mexico, who led his country as drug cartels proliferated, can be seen in the photo above making a vulgar gesture aimed at Donald Trump. Even though he is not the president of Mexico, he used profanity to tell Trump in a tweet that he will not pay for the “f*en” wall. He also called the wall a “racist monument”. Apparently he thinks having borders is racist when it’s to protect our country.

“TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not paying for that fucken wall. Be clear with US tax papers. They will pay for it,” Fox told Trump in a tweet.

He also whined on twitter about jobs in the auto industry staying in the US instead of going to Mexico. Trump doesn’t care what he thinks.

Fox did nothing about drugs coming into the U.S. and wants the borders open so his country can drain us dry. If we have increasingly dangerous heroine epidemics because of the drugs coming from his country, he hardly cares.

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