Mexico President Obrador blames Biden for the dangerous border breach


During a press conference yesterday, Mexico President López-Obrador Blamed Joe Biden yesterday for the flood of illegals into our country.

“Expectations were created that with President Biden there would be better treatment of migrants.

“This caused Central American migrants—and also from our country—wanting to cross the border thinking it is easier to do so.”


Of course, it’s Biden’s fault, or rather the fault of his handlers:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Do Americans understand cause & effect anymore? Even the leftist Mexican leader does not want this invasion.

China loves when its competitors have suicidal policies.

Ferocious Frankie vs. Gentlemen Jim
Ferocious Frankie vs. Gentlemen Jim
2 years ago

Burn it all down by any means necessary for the good of the collective.
The great faculty lounge bong load leap forward.
I remember seeing commie/socialist agitprop signs by the road in the failed narco state of Mexico as a youth on an awesome Western Lands road trip with pappy in a Winnebago.
I was too young to drive but he did make the offer, hee hee!
You could ride horses on the beach and drive your car into the ocean if you felt so inclined and that kind of freedom is long gone.