Ted Cruz’s chilling warning about the devastating S.1 bill (HR1)


The Democrat-controlled House passed H.R. 1, a bill that will enshrine corrupt election processes into law. No Republicans voted for the dangerous bill and only one Democrat voted against it.

The Senate Rules & Administration Committee took up the bill today. It is known as S.1 in the Senate.

Ted Cruz is sending chilling warnings about it including in an op-ed today. He legitimately called S.1 the “single most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen in decades.

He wrote, “Democrats are gearing up to try to radically transform our election system and lock in majorities at every level of elected government for decades to come.

“Democrats call this bill the For the People Act, or HR 1, but a more appropriate name would be the Corrupt Politicians Act because it’s designed by the politicians, of the politicians, and for the politicians. “

He laid out a few of the reasons

It throws out state election laws and puts Washington in charge.

This bill eliminates countless state election integrity laws, including Texas’ and other states’ voter ID laws, and replaces them with a set of new laws negotiated by Democrat operatives and radical left-wing activists. The fact is, Democrats are furious that, last fall, Republicans won control of legislatures across the country, so now they’re trying to use control of the federal government to eliminate states’ common-sense election laws.

It undermines Americans’ voting rights by expanding illegal immigrants’ and felons’ access to the ballot box.

The bill mandates registering nearly everyone in the country to vote, regardless of their eligibility, prevents states from maintaining the integrity of their voting rolls or removing dead people, and requires that felons be allowed to vote. It will effectively repeal state and local election laws put in place by the people through their representatives and allow for potentially millions of felons, non-citizens, or illegal immigrants to decide who runs our federal government.

It codifies voter fraud and mandates ballot harvesting.

The bill requires states to allow universal, no-excuse mail-in voting while stripping states of the ability to ensure the integrity of these ballots. For example, states can’t require IDs to vote and the bill makes it nearly impossible to challenge signature matches without the agreement of a Democrat. Moreover, it allows Democratic operatives to collect and submit unlimited ballots – opening the door to widespread fraud – and requires counting these ballots even if they arrive 10 days after Election Day.

It funnels millions of federal dollars to Democrat campaigns and candidates.

This law would be federal welfare for politicians; it provides a 6-to-1 public subsidy for grassroots, small-dollar donations. For every dollar raised by a politician, they get $6 from the federal government. So the $200 you donate to a qualifying candidate will actually become a $1,200 donation from the federal government. Democrats always talk a big game about getting small-dollar donations. Turns out that what they really want is a cut of federal spending for their campaigns.

Democrats are trying to take the bad practices used in the 2020 election and legalize them.

It codifies voter fraud,” Cruz said

He continued, “A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 39% of Americans think the 2020 presidential election was rigged. That view is not held by just Republican voters. That belief was shared by 31% of Independents and 17% of Democrats.

“This is both tragic and dangerous for the future of our republic.

“And if the Corrupt Politicians Act is signed into law, things will only become worse. This bill would destroy the American people’s confidence in our democratic system for the foreseeable future because it is designed to rig future elections for the radical left.

“I have no doubt that protecting the integrity of our elections and the voting rights of the American people will continue to be a major focus for elected officials here in Washington and across the country. And while there are common-sense proposals Congress can consider, it’s the states that the Constitution entrusts with ensuring that our elections are safe and secure and protecting the voting rights of all law-abiding Americans.

“This bill is not designed to protect the right to vote. Instead, it’s a dangerous and brazenly partisan power grab designed by the Democrats to corruptly turn their current razor-thin majority into a much larger and permanent majority so they can enact the Green New Deal and other items on their deeply unpopular progressive wish list. And allowing millions of illegal voters to cast votes robs you of your constitutional right to vote.

“Democrats did not write the Corrupt Politicians Act to strengthen our elections system or to restore trust in our democracy. They wrote it to expand voter fraud and try to ensure that they’ll never lose again.

“We have to fight every step of the way to stop the Corrupt Politicians Act. We have to stand for free and fair elections and the rule of law, and not hand the future of our republic and our elections to the radical left.”

The battle ahead

To pass it, democrats need to end the filibuster. Joe Biden has already indicated that he supports eliminating it.

Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema might vote against the bill and eliminating the filibuster. One would hate to rely on Manchin. He talks big but always votes with Democrats on any important issue and most others as well.

It’s questionable that Sinema is strong enough to stand up to the hard-left as well.

This is a terrible power grab meant to make the USA a one-party Democrat Socialist State. If you’re not terrified, you should be.

The communistic House bill includes:
  1. Internet-only registration with electronic signature submission. In other words, no voter ID.
  2. Nationwide ‘Motor Voter’ registration. If you get a driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote.
  3. 16-year-olds required to be registered to vote. Children voting is a big plus for Democrats.
  4. Nationwide same-day registration.
  5. Grants ($25M) for using minors in election activities. [brainwashing]
  6. Prohibiting attempts to clean voter rolls of non-residents.
  7. Murderers and rapists can vote.
  8. Mandatory early voting.
  9. Banning voter ID
  10. Roadwork for DC statehood and territory statehood.
  11. It gives federal workers [union people, mostly Democrats] SIX DAYS of paid vacation to work the polls.
  12. The bill provides stiff penalties for anyone who ‘harasses’ poll workers and government administrators. Questioning election results can be prosecuted under a broad definition of what constitutes harassment.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

This bill would be ripe for challenges but we can’t count on courts to preserve the nation anymore.

Cruz is right but I have no tolerance for his selective outrage. He’s a globalist, he does not get my vote ever.

The left is aggressively seizing power. Real leaders are required to combat this. Cruz is not one of them, nor are any of Mitch’s RINO gang. They failed us in big ways and would fail us again. A team that throws the game gets no more chances.

Having a republican caucus led by Mitch is a fatal obstacle in 2022, plus 6 more republicans than democrats are up for reelection in the senate. Repubs likely win the house in 2022, but the damage will be done by then.

Ferocious Frankie vs. Gentlemen Jim
Ferocious Frankie vs. Gentlemen Jim
2 years ago

They must move quickly and never let a crisis (Plandemic) go to waste.
A Plandemic doesn’t wreck things but it does reveal what is already destroyed.