Michael Moore and others compare J6 rioters and paraders to the Taliban


Several times today, CBS News radio – WINS – claimed the rescuing of Afghans “continues to proceed in an orderly manner.” This is after we watched people fall from moving planes as they tried to escape, and the Taliban shot at people trying to get into the airport.

Pravda couldn’t compete with our media.

Marxist Michael Moore compared the J6 rioters and paraders to the Taliban who rape, pillage, and put peoples’ heads on pikes. He put up a picture of the Buffalo horns guy below a photo of heavily armed killers.

Moore captioned it, “Their Taliban, our Taliban, everybody’s got a Taliban. They’re at their best when they confiscate the halls of power.”

You can’t make this stuff up. As Biden destroys America and the Taliban slaughter people in Afghanistan, this inept filmmaker is comparing them to Trump supporters.

Stephen Colbert wants our soldiers in this country fighting Trump supporters:

We also had #IStandWithBiden trending today and people like the strange person below jumped right on it. He’s probably paid to say what he is saying. He’s subtly claiming he stands with Biden pulling out of Afghanistan when that is not the issue. However, it is the false narrative the Left is trying to sell. They want you to forget the withdrawal was a disaster. People aren’t upset about the withdrawal for the most part. They’re upset about the way Biden’s handlers withdrew.

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2 years ago

All three of these “influencers” are certified nutjobs. Marxist Moore still reminds me of Jabba everytime I see his crap come up on any site. Colbert is still…well…Colbert, being paid handsomely to spew the anti-American leftist garbage. The last guy, “Ojeda”? Never heard of him. Watched his rant with the sound off and the image of Hitler came to mind.
None of them have any idea what is coming should the leftist actually get their wish and establish the utopian vision of their dreams. It is anything but pleasant nor beneficial to anyone other than the elite amongst us. For a while. Then the weeding out of those who helped to establish the new order. That’s how it always goes. Every damn time. These folks just don’t seem to be capable of learning from history. Brainwashed is too kind of a word to use in describing their stupidity.
Just sayin’.

Boston Tea Party
Boston Tea Party
2 years ago

Anyone influenced by these shit stains should just shoot themselves now.
Fat blobs of mashed potatoes with legs should influence you to go work out.
The enemedia is the destroyer of republics and they will never rest until the USA is gone.