Biden hasn’t spoken to any world leaders since the Taliban rout


Jake Sullivan spoke with the press today since Biden and Harris weren’t going to do it. He told the press that Biden has not spoken with any world leaders – NOT ONE.

“He has not yet spoken with any other world leaders,” Sullivan said during a briefing with reporters, noting that he and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have held regular calls with their own counterparts.

Sullivan and Blinken are handling the situation. That should reassure no one.

“Right now, the main issue is an operational issue,” Sullivan said. “It’s about how we coordinate with them to help them get their people out. And we are operating through logistical channels and policy channels to try and make that happen.”

Blinken on Monday spoke with his counterparts in China and Russia about the security situation in Afghanistan.

That’s pathetic.

Except for a brief teleprompter speech yesterday, Biden has been on vacation at Camp David. In his speech — and speeches that followed today by the State Department and Jake Sullivan — Biden said he stands by his decision to leave Afghanistan. That was simply a typical political trick to divert attention away from the core issue. The core issue is the way we withdrew.

Sullivan said they ‘PLANNED FOR EVERY CONTINGENCY.’ If they planned this, it’s even worse than we thought.

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