Michael Moore Picks His Dream Team to Run for President/VP in 2020


In a Friday appearance on ABC’s ‘The View,’ Michael Moore suggested the Democrat [Socialist] Party run a “beloved American,” and, a celebrity.

Moore, who is a Trump and Republican hater, said, “If we ran Al Franken, ran Tom Hanks — who wouldn’t vote for Tom Hanks for president of the United States? C’mon! Or Oprah!”

His dream team, however, appears to be Whoopi Goldberg with Michelle Obama as her running mate.

Libertarian co-host Jedediah Bila pointed out, “Many Americans feel that those celebrities are out of touch. A lot of people would tell you ‘they don’t understand my needs.'”

Moore replied, “Wrong…Americans love celebrities.”

That’s how out of touch he is.

This wing nut has a sold out Broadway show every night. It is an anti-Trump hate production and New Yorkers love it.

The hardcore leftist wants Progressives to push hard to get candidates elected, especially on a local level. Tip O’Neill said, “all politics is local”.

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