Cali’s Public Colleges Won’t Require Basic English, Math Skills


Timothy White

Dumbing Down Education, California Style

The California State Chancellor Timothy White announced that the public university system will no longer include placement exams for English and math to screen incoming freshmen. According to White’s executive order, schools will instead consider SAT scores and other measures. It’s called the “multiple measures” approach. Prospective students just won’t need basic English and math skills – in college!

In other words, potential entrants, who don’t know English or basic math, won’t have those skills tested. Furthermore, they can continue earning credit without these skills.

Taxpayers get to fund this.

Could it be that White wants to grow the university population and accommodate foreigners, even those here illegally?

Along with that, they will begin an Early Start Program which they will certainly need for their students who aren’t proficient in English or math.

The goal is to get more students to graduate.

Because we need more college graduates who don’t speak or write English and can’t do simple computations?

Apparently it’s bias against poor people and people of color to expect them to speak English and be able to calculate.

This will “facilitate equitable opportunity for first-year students to succeed through existing and redesigned education models,” according to White.

Since 40% of the students at Cal State are not college-ready, they have to take non-credit remedial courses. If they can’t complete the remedial courses, they can’t continue. The new guidelines allow them to get credit while taking basic English and math courses. At the same time, professors will be expected to teach them basic remedial skills while teaching the content.

It makes college into high school at taxpayer expense and since they are now indoctrination facilities, colleges will be churning out a lot of leftists.

As long as fools like Jerry Brown are running the show, expect things to continue getting worse.

Jerry was on Meet the Press today and told host Chuck Todd that Democrats haven’t been “clever enough” to deal with changing global trends.

Democrats can’t simply represent baby killers, they need to include pro-lifers in the party, says Brown, though he didn’t use the words, “baby killers”. Brown thinks Democrats are not like the Marxists of 1910…they’re not pure as in the past, he said. They have to be more diverse. Diverse to him is including traditional Americans, even those who are religious.

He added that Democrats have to allow gun-toting Democrats into the party also.

This guy knows he’s a Marxist and wants to lure the “common man” back.

Brown also talked about “making America great”, stealing Trump’s slogan.

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G. Hartsell
G. Hartsell
6 years ago

Keep em stupid so they are dependent on the government. Brilliant.