Michelle Obama Is Looking to Be a Major Influencer in a New Way


We have some bad news for our readers. Michelle Obama might be auditioning for a role that will give her a lot more visibility and influence. She is an influencer already, but this role might give her more of a platform.

Mrs. Obama can be quite a presence – charming and enticing – but she’s a Marxist who was only proud of this country when her Marxist husband was elected. She isn’t good for America.

She could be auditioning for the job Oprah once had. Mrs. Obama has appeared on Rachel Ray’s show and will soon appear on Black-ish, a far-left politicized show. She is very popular.

On Friday night during “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, author and journalist Raymond Arroyo said he thinks Michelle Obama wants Oprah Winfrey’s former job. That rumor has gone around for a while.

“Another Democratic ghost of Christmas past has arisen in prime time. That’s right, for the new season finale of ‘Black-ish,’ that great comedian Michelle Obama is a guest star. They’ve released some pics of the appearance,” he said to host, Laura Ingraham

“I think I know why this is taking place. Remember, Stacey Abrams got an Emmy nod for just doing a little voice-over on ‘Black-ish,’ so I think Michelle’s trying to get her due here,” he said.

“Michelle Obama showed up on ‘Rachael Ray’ this week looking very much like a daytime talk show host. … She’s clearly Oprah in waiting,” he said.

“Oprah better be watching out. You know, didn’t they have falling out at one time?” Ingraham replied.

In any case, expect to see a lot of her on sitcoms.




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