Outkick’s Clay Travis Asks the Obvious Question About COV No One Is Asking


Outkick’s Clay Travis, who also appears on the Clay and Buck radio show, tweeted that the “NFL is 95% vaccinated, the NBA is 97% vaccinated, the NHL is nearly 100% vaccinated. All three leagues are still overwhelmed with Covid cases and hitting new Covid case highs. So how is Joe Biden arguing vaccines will end Covid? The pro sports leagues prove that’s 100% a lie.”

“The sports leagues all have levels of covid vaccination that are nearly 100%. The players are far younger and healthier than the overall population. Yet they are all overrun with Covid. The pro sports leagues data definitively prove that vaccines won’t end Covid. Biden’s lying.”

“If the media was doing its job they’d point to pro sports leagues and ask Biden and Fauci to explain what’s going on there. Those leagues did exactly what you asked and got everyone vaccinated. Yet all three leagues are presently hitting all time highs for Covid cases.

“Not asking these questions is the very definition of being anti-science. We have a massive control group of almost 100% vaxxed healthy young athletes being tested regularly and they have way more Covid cases this year after vaccines than they had last year with no vaccines. How?”

“I’m clearly not a scientist or an expert in medicine, but the pro sports data tells a clear story for anyone with a functional brain: vaccines, even if everyone has them, won’t end Covid. In fact, they may make Covid positivity even more common.

“These athletes are smart about their bodies. They see this all happening and have very real questions. They know the vaccines aren’t ending covid. But they see what happens to athletes who speak out and ask questions so they (mostly) stay quiet. This is all wrong and anti-science.”

The NFL player’s association wants the protocols dropped. They can’t play the way it’s going.

We have a question also. If the vaccine is not working on 2-5-year-olds, why is it good for 5 years and up?

Dr. Risch has already explained that the vaccinated are spreading the virus more than the unvaccinated.  He said, vaccinated people transmit more potent strains and it’s “been known for a hundred years.”

Dr. Risch, a prominent Yale epidemiologist, responds to the latest COV hysteria:

On Thursday, the NFL player’s association and the National Football League agreed to new rules that place the league’s 32 teams in restrictive protocols until Monday. It follows nearly a doubling of Covid-19 cases among players earlier this week.

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