Michigan AG Nessel says Trump is no longer welcome in her state


Michigan’s attorney general said President Trump is a “petulant child” who is no longer welcome in her state over his mask-wearing habits.

In a CNN interview Thursday, Dana Nessel noted that Mr. Trump did not wear a mask when in public view during a visit to a Ford plant in Ypsilanti earlier in the day.

CNN anchorman Wolf Blitzer asked her “Is the president no longer welcome in Michigan?”

“Well, I would say speaking on behalf of my department and my office, that’s exactly right,” despot Nessel said.

She went on to call the president childish for refusing to follow the rules she and other state officials have set up.

The President did wear a mask out of the sight of cameras as he toured the plant. She’s a tyrant and a half-Whit(mer).

President Trump responded to the petty tyrant who was playing politics.

Here she is warning the President, but she’s not a petulant child or a petty tyrant, oh no, this is perfectly normal behavior.

In this clip, she is saying he’s not welcome in her state, “that’s exactly right.” Dems worry about who’s walking whose dog and whether they have face masks on at all times.



  1. If Michigan voters have any common sense left, it will be fun to see the look on Whitmer’s and Nessel’s faces when they are defeated in 2022 or better yet, lose a recall election.

    • What a pompous ass this governor is. Could there be a better time to remove her from office? The voters mean nothing to her. Her power is all that counts and she has absolutely no right to invite or disinvite Trump to that state. Remove her!

  2. Dana Nessel AG of Michigan is inciting rebellion NOT only against President Trump but the authority of the Federal Government. She is implying that Michigan is its own nation state NOT subject to Federal Authority, Constitutional Laws and Constitutional Courts.

  3. Is every yankee state run by completely ignorant people? And people always giving Southern states shit about being backwards , hell I wouldn’t go to a shit hole northern state for a million dollars.

  4. This is a tantrum by a lady who wants to move up in her leftist party. She and the governor are in the hot seat. With enough pressure they will faint. This is the big leagues.

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