Patient caught beating elderly man at a Detroit nursing home, no one knows anything


Detroit police said Thursday that a 20-year-old man was arrested for the assault and battery of an elderly man at a nursing home on Detroit’s west side.

Earlier, a video of the brutal attack was posted on social media and shared several times by users. Some called the police.

The video is unedited and may be disturbing to some viewers:

The incident appears to have occurred on Friday, May 15. Both the 75-year-old victim and the suspect are patients at the nursing facility in Detroit, WWJNews Radio reports.

The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. The suspect was taken into custody at the nursing home and transported to the Detroit Detention Center without incident, police said.

Detroit Police James Craig said the investigation is ongoing.

“What our investigation has revealed so far is that the nursing home was unaware of the assault, until they saw the video,” Craig said at a press briefing. “We’re still investigating that aspect of the case, but there is a suspect in custody.”

No one knows anything. Didn’t they notice the bruises??



  1. Not a peep about the RACIAL aspect here? If the races were reversed, this would be ALL OVER THE NEWS! It would be 24/7 coverage about how evil white people are and how something needs to be done about white racism. But since this is a BLACK on white crime, not a peep. There is a WAR going on in America, it is a RACE war, there have been many, MANY thousands of white victims, but the white people are too stupid, sheepish and brainwashed to know there is a war on against them. And the media covers it all up. This is genocide!

  2. The news says he was a patient there but others were claiming he was a student. If he was indeed a patient don’t look for any serious punishment. That particular hospital is evidently “state-owned”. Has the infamous governor had anything to say on the matter.

  3. Democrats have seen to it this Black thug wannabe who can’t even hit hard enough to seriously hurt a defenseless 75 year old man with obvious health issues, won’t be charged with hate crimes against Whitey. I doubt if he’ll even be charged with misdemeanor battery.

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