Michigan judge’s ruling allows genital mutilation in the USA


The Detroit Free Press reported that U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman “threw out the nation’s first female genital mutilation case, delivering a major blow to the prosecution and survivors who had hoped the Detroit case would help end a practice that is still performed on millions of girls worldwide.”

It’s religious freedom, diversity, and inclusion, you know. So, if I am a pagan and feel the need to make a human sacrifice or just carve someone up a little, is that okay? Genital mutilation is carving up a female child. It easily fits under our definition of child abuse.

In dismissing the four-year-old case, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman concluded the prosecution was vindictive in seeking new charges against the accused. The judge is convinced it’s unconstitutional.

“The court concludes that the prosecution in this matter is vindictive. The government obtained the fourth superseding indictment, which asserts new and additional charges, in retaliation for defendants’ past success in having other charges dismissed,” Friedman wrote in his ruling. “Such vindictive or retaliatory prosecution is a due process violation of the most basic sort.”

The lead defendant is Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, whom prosecutors allege cut the genitals of nine minor girls during after-hours procedures at a Livonia clinic that belonged to her doctor friend, who also was charged in the case. Nagarwala has long denied engaging in genital mutilation, saying the procedure she performed on minor girls was a benign, religious practice that involved only scraping or “shaving” of the genitalia, not cutting.

Nagarwala’s attorney Shannon Smith is upset there wasn’t a complete vindication.

Unless the government appeals, the case is over. So, in the meantime, carve up little girls so they can’t experience sexual pleasure and will have gynecological problems instead.

And we care so much about women and girls in this country? Where are all those liberal women’s groups? Hello, NOW, where are you?

The Left has enabled this heinous practice with their cultural relativism and their refusal to challenge anything Islamic while demeaning other religions native to this country.

Girls who undergo female genital mutilation face short-term complications such as severe pain, shock, excessive bleeding, infections, and difficulty in passing urine, as well as long-term consequences for their sexual and reproductive health and mental health. 

And it’s all so unnecessary and barbaric.

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