Michigan’s largest county refuses to certify the election – Update, evil wins


Update: AP News reports that they reversed course and unanimously certified its presidential election results Tuesday night after Republicans first blocked the move in a party-line vote that threatened to temporarily stall official approval of Democrat Joe Biden’s win in the state.

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers acted after the 2-2 tie was condemned by Democrats and election experts as a dangerous attempt to overthrow the will of voters

Michigan certified their results after throngs of people threatened to kill, torture, and otherwise obliterate the lives of two officials who were standing up for what is right.

Antifa doxed and threatened them.


The largest county in Michigan, Wayne County, which includes Detroit, refused to certify the election results, demanding a complete audit due to serious fraud allegations. They sent a strong letter to the state board.

The state board could certify the election, or it could end up in the courts.

Democrats call it a political move, and the MSM claims it is “extraordinarily unlikely” that it will affect the outcome of the election.

Election authorities downplayed its significance since Biden is ahead by 146,000 votes.

Governor Whitmer said the Board of State canvassers would certify the results.

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3 years ago

Detoilet used to be called the Paris of the West. Good times. They have voted democrat for decades and it shows.
That Clint Eastwood SB commercial about Detoilet was a laugher but at least he got paid.
Uncanny. Just read an article about MI GOP proceeding with impeachment against Grinchy Gretchie.
Will the jobber fraud republicans do something right? We’ll just have to wait and see.

3 years ago

If anyone thought that the Democrats wouldn’t coerce or cheat their way to victory hasn’t been paying attention. One way or the other the Dems always win.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago
Reply to  D3F1ANT

Dems always win…Unfortunately until the conservative element grows a couple and stand up to their Burn Loot Murdering and antifa cowardly moronic scum bags and their calumnious diabolical malevolent allies in the corrupt MSM…they will continue to win their Pyrrhic victories…to the detriment of all else.