Midland-Odessa Killer Lived in a Shack & Was Just Fired From His Job


Seth Ator, the Texas rampage killer, had been fired from his trucking job just hours before he killed seven people [and injured at least 10 more, up to 24], according to The New York Times. The spree killer shot civilians and police officers with a rifle at random. There were 15 different crime scenes, including car dealerships, and shopping malls.

He stole a mail truck after killing the driver and ended up at the Cinergy Movie Theater where police shot him to death.

Authorities initially refused to name the gunman on Sunday, not wanting to give him “any notoriety for what he did,” said Michael Gerke, the police chief of Odessa. That is the new approach but they should at least name the criminal once. Not only does the public have the right to know but the would-be mass killers find the information on these guys with or without names.


Property records in Ector County show that Ator purchased a lot on Cavalli Circle in Odessa in January of 2018. The land has a market value of $9,260. It didn’t come up on a google search so Heavy investigated.

As it turns out, the property used to be filled with mobile homes but industry was moving in of late. Ator lived in a shack on the property he purchased. The shack is pictured below.


Veronica Alonzo, a neighbor of Attar’s, told CNN that Ator yelled at her a few weeks prior to the shooting “for leaving trash in a nearby dumpster.” Alonzo said Ator approached her home while holding a rifle. She explained that she called police after that incident, but that no officers showed up due to the difficulty of finding the street.

She said he fired at animals and night and cleaned them up in the morning. Ms. Alonzo said the shack had no electricity or running water.

That explains his lack of an online presence.

A neighbour, Rocio Martinez, 29, described Ator as a “loner” who sometimes frightened her because he was always firing guns outside.

“Although I feel bad about the situation, I feel at ease knowing that he was killed,” Ms Martinez said. “That tells me the threat has been removed, and my family is safe again.”

As an aside, isolationism is a characteristic of many of these killers.

Relatives could not be reached for comment and it appeared the suspect had virtually no online footprint. Public records indicated he was originally from the small town of Lorena, where he graduated from high school in 2001. He also took classes at McLennan Community College in Waco the fall of 2000, a school spokesperson told The Daily Beast.

There is a LinkedIn page with Ator’s name on it with his employer listed as At&terdsniffers. The person was listed as a truck driver.

U.S. Representative Tom Craddick told the Midland Reporter-Telegram that he once failed a background check when applying for a job. An MRT report said he failed a background check for a weapon. The Odessa Police have confirmed he had a criminal record for criminal trespass and evading arrest. There were no open warrants on him.


“There are no definite answers as to motive or reasons at this point,” Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said, “but we are fairly certain that the subject did act alone.”

The killer was stopped for a moving violation, he just got fired from his job driving a truck, and he likely didn’t see how he’d be hired anywhere.

The media is calling his weapon an assault-style rifle. An MRT report said it was an AR-type weapon. What’s an AR-type weapon? A rifle?

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Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

7 dead and 35 injured in Chicongo ‘gun free zone’ just this weekend alone — where’s the Mental Health GUN GRAB about that ???

3 years ago

Does not meet the media’s agenda since black lives really don’t matter to even black politicians. Of course ti would no be good to alert the public that all the gun laws in Chicago never prevented the people from obtaining the weapon illegally.
Outlaw guns and only criminals will have them to harm the citizens.

3 years ago

Another loser soy-boy, mad at the world instead of taking responsibility.

3 years ago

why is that considered a shack? how did the neighbor know he has no electricity or running water? police could not find the street in the past????? anyone know why he was fired?

3 years ago

All people who live in shacks sould be flagged by gun ownership monitoring authorities.

3 years ago

“… but they should at least name the criminal once.”

So, is his name spelled “Ator” or as “Attar” as was attributed to Veronica Alonzo?