Migrants Batter Police When They Try to Arrest One of Them


When police tried to arrest an illegal alien in Chicago for assault, the other aliens rebelled, threatening and battering the police. That’s probably what they do in their home country.

Backup police were rushed to the scene.

According to CWB Chicago, at that point, multiple sources said, migrants who live in a nearby lot intervened and tried to defeat the arrest.

“The whole camp tried to physically intervene and pull [the] offender from police,” an officer texted on Tuesday afternoon. “One migrant took a swing at a sergeant.

A CPD supervisor radioed for more units to come to the station: “Line in front of the station, cameras on! Line in front of the station, cameras on!”

Another officer soon reported that the migrants were “a little bit belligerent, but we got it under control.”

“We have about 200 migrants,” another sergeant estimated.

Four illegal aliens were arrested.

A source confirmed that district supervisors pulled two of the district’s patrol cars off the streets for the rest of the shift to maintain security at the station.

The police border patrol union criticized Chicago for protecting aliens from deportation.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara called out Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) as “hypocrites” on Thursday for not housing border crossers and illegal aliens in their own homes.

Sounds only fair!

Chicago enrolled 2,000 illegal alien children as taxpayers spend $15 million for bilingual services.

About 1,500 illegals are sheltering at CPD buildings and another 300 are at O’Hare. Thousands more expected by year’s end.

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