Migrants Flown to the Vineyard Are Called Victims of a Crime


The Guardian reports that illegal migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard are eligible for visas as victims of crime. The illegal migrants from Venezuela were flown to Martha’s Vineyard from Florida on the orders of Gov. Ron De Santis. About 48 were sent out of tens of thousands who have settled in Florida, burdening the budget, the schools, and the police.

The report claims that [partisan] Bexar county sheriff Javier Salazar opened a criminal investigation of Gov. DeSantis for trafficking. A Massachusetts lawyer, Rachel Self, says this opens the doorway to a U-Visa.

She added that it would help the illegal aliens “heal.” They came here illegally. We owe them nothing. These people should be sent home.

I have one question. Since Joe Biden sent millions of illegal migrants around the country by plane, train, and bus, will he be investigated, and will all those people be given U-Visas?

Self and her allies are lawfare leftists weaponizing the legal system to achieve an unjust result. The people here illegally are going to get or did get residency status and a path to the Green Card as human trafficking victims. It’s their reward for going along with this bogus crime.

The Biden Treasury Department is also investigating De Santis for using COVID funds to send illegal aliens to the Vineyard.

Gov. De Santis is a target because he is a viable Republican presidential candidate and a supporter of an America First agenda.

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