Extremely Dangerous Escalation: Ukraine Reportedly Bombed Russian Thermal Power Plant


Belgorod, a Russian city just north of the Ukrainian border not far from Kharkiv, is reportedly under fire from Ukraine forces in the last 24 hours.

“The governor of a Russian border region accused Ukraine of shelling an apartment block there on Thursday, but a Kyiv official said a stray Russian missile was to blame, in only one of a series of apparent strikes on Russian border towns,” Reuters reported Thursday, citing that “a school had been damaged in a village close to the border, and that the top floor of an apartment block had been struck in the city of Belgorod.”

This isn’t the first attack, but this one included a missile strike on Belgorod’s thermal power plant. The city is in darkness.

If true, this is a dangerous escalation. Russia is infuriated at the West for providing the weapons. It’s only a matter of time before World War III begins unless the fools in the White House reverse course, which is highly unlikely.

Hitting a power plant in Russia is not accomplishing anything to help Ukraine win back territory. It doesn’t move the ball forward in any way. But it could help push NATO into the war, as George Washington Zelensky hopes. Zelensky is a buffoon who is doing the bidding of other fools. People need to stop believing the narrative. This is COVID all over again. We’re being lied to.

I supported wars in the past and come from a long line of relatives who served in the military going back to the Revolution. However, this is one war no one should want. Please think about what these idiots did in Afghanistan. That will be nothing compared to what this war would do to the United States. The war would be on our soil. Remember, Biden opened the borders. The enemy is here.

Using longer-range missiles provided by the West is an act of war. Putin might start striking the source.

Watch this clip and imagine it happening to your town, home, mom, or children. This is real life. It’s not like in the movies. The moment of impact in Belgorod power plant:

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