Benevolent MSNBC: They Must Live with Trump Supporters, Even if They’re “Bad”


A writer for the far-left The Atlantic, Shadi Hamid, told a panel on MSNBC, “There’s, what, 74 million Trump supporters, voters? We can’t just wish them away … So we have to find a way to live with them even if we think they’re bad people — even if we think they’re a threat to everything we hold dear.”

The comments by this Brookings’ Progressive are stunning. Watch the clip below and tell us what you think.


He mentioned the Prime Minister of Italy, Georgia Meloni, and suggested she’s a fascist like Mussolini. She is not a fascist; even her political opponents say she’s a centrist who leans right.

He thinks he is benevolent to say they have to find a way to live with 74 million Trump supporters even if they think Trump supporters are “bad people.”

Does he believe this? Because, if he does, he’s deranged. Watching Jen Psaki, an infamous liar, Michael Steele, Mika, and whoever else was on the panel nod like this makes sense is surreal. They will deign to accept our existence.

And what is it they hold dear? It’s not the constitution, law and order, borders, life, civil rights, free speech, the right to self-defense, privacy, education (CRT,) or avoiding gender surgeries on children, so what do they hold dear?

Aside from some of Trump’s comments and tweets, what did he do that was “bad”? Our economy was great, America was thriving, and he simply wanted to make us great again. What makes us “bad people” for wanting to put America first? Democrats are acting like tyrants, consistently violating the Constitution. Donald Trump did not.

I doubt these people believe what they say but who am I to say?

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3 months ago

Liberals and the Fake Media are beginning to realize that Conservatives are taking back the Government and will be coming after Liberals and the Fake Media with Malice. We have tolerated Liberals, who are like a pack of yelping Chihuahuas biting at your ankles, for over 70 years and its time to put them down! Democrats have over played their hand, stole elections, and in general have just plan pissed the vast majority of American and now the World off. We are fed up with abusive Federal Government and the Liberals who have infested it.

Trump Won
Trump Won
3 months ago

There they go again, accusing us of being bad people, when it is they who are bad.

3 months ago
Reply to  Trump Won

EVERYTHING they say and do is the very opposite. Their evil minds have blinded them from the truth. It’s as if their consciences have been seared with a hot iron.

John Vieira
3 months ago

They DO believe what they say…Have you never heard of Systemic Stupidity???