Migrants in France not quarantined so they don’t riot


The politically correct leftists running the French government do not quarantine their migrant communities because they don’t want the migrants to rebel. Meanwhile, that endangers all the French people. There is no use trying to enforce a quarantine in France.

All of the tight restrictions on the French population do not apply to the migrant ghettos.

In a letter released to Le Canard Enchaine magazine, French Secretary of State for the Interior Ministry, Laurent Nunez, advises: “It is not a priority to impose closures in certain neighborhoods and prevent meetings”.

If they break the law, they will be arrested the officials claim, however. Only that’s not true either.

In a separate conference call, Nunez told other officials that restricting movement and closing stores in France’s infamous Afro-Islamic neighborhoods risk causing violent social unrest if applied too rigorously.

This mayor says these areas should remain open to allow “social mediation:”

This is very disrespectful of the French population.

The migrants weren’t following the rules before the officials decided to let them roam about, claiming coronavirus is a white man’s disease.

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