Partisan Chuck Todd asks Biden if Trump has “blood on his hands”


Partisan Chuck Todd asked senile Joe Biden if Trump has “blood” on his hands for “slow Coronavirus response.” Joe responded by saying that was too harsh but the President should be focusing on unemployment benefits, cash to Americans, and loans to small businesses which is exactly what the President has been doing. That’s beside the point, however.

The point is that China lied and the World Health Organization went along with it in January. WHO declared on January 14th that the virus wasn’t contagious. They finally declared the virus a public health emergency until January 30th. On January 31st, the President, in the throes of an impeachment, declared it a public health emergency, banned China travel, and established the coronavirus task force. At that time, Joe Biden declared the President a xenophobe and a racist.

Until recently, Biden called the President’s travel bans xenophobic.

NBC News called the President racist over the travel ban.

Do they have blood on their hands? What a ridiculous, manipulative question from a so-called ‘news’ reporter. This is not news, it’s opinion.

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