Mike Huckabee Forced to Resign from CMA for His Beliefs


On Wednesday, Mike Huckabee was appointed to the Board of the charitable arm of the Country Music Association (CMA). Within 24 hours he was forced to resign because an artist manager finds his political views and support for the NRA “grossly offensive”.

Jason Owen, who leads Sandbox Management representing artists like Little Big Town, Faith Hill, and Kacey Musgraves, said in the letter that his clients would no longer support the foundation.

What kind of fascist country are we living in? The NRA supports the Second Amendment and Donald Trump is our president but that isn’t acceptable to the left.

This is going to be one ugly country when the leftists get done with it.

The leftists did the same thing to Rush Limbaugh. He wanted to buy the St. Louis Rams and he wasn’t allowed to because of his views, most of which they distorted.

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