Mike Lindell’s absolute proof of election fraud


This video has been deleted by Vimeo and YouTube. Watch while you can. We have not independently confirmed any of this.

People should be allowed to decide independently if they think this is evidence or not. Censorship is only worthy of a Banana Republic. There is little question that mail-in balloting is easily corrupted and state election laws were changed immediately before the election to favor Joe Biden. There is reason to believe the election was corrupt.




  1. Isn’t it Mike for the first name? It says Mark in headline.
    Not nitpicking or going full busybody on you, just saying.
    My Pillow? Added to the must buy list and nothing beats a comfy pillow.
    Always tote one on a road trip for the vehicle when the navigator takes over or in case the lodging has some sack of potatoes pillow.

    • When it does finally break loose, America’s true enemies on the tyrannical left across the country will be permanently, not politically, removed from the gene pool, and the nation and the world will be better for it. Can’t wait to see the stories and the videos, like the US military against ISIS ones, only they’ll be on U.S. soil in the shithole cities.

        • Mike, they are f’cked for sure. You can tell they know it too. They are coming for the guns at a record pace. They won’t be able to cheat again and get away with it. People like Qanon were there to pacify people saying things will be ok. Meanwhile it got us to stand down. Won’t happen again. That is fact. Like dude was saying, there will be blood. Its pretty much going to happen.

          • There is definitely evidence of voter fraud. Now if the evidence is false, then the proper people should be held accountable, and the news needs to be told to the public. Dominion has filed more lawsuits than Trump did and all of their lawsuits have been thrown out as well. They were lawsuits against people who said they were falsifying votes. Those cases have also been thrown out by the Supreme Court.

  2. I came here JUST to give this story a like. I don’t need unending amounts of proof. Enough proof has already been provided. I know the election was corrupt. This isn’t america any more and I’m not sure we’ll ever recover it because of the corrupt media that lies and misrepresents non-stop.

    • There is no convincing proof of fraud which is why testimony by people such as Melissa Carone was rejected.

      • You’re either a liar or a special kind of stupid to deny MASSIVE voter fraud. There are reasons why Justice Roberts refused to hear the case and you’ll be flabbergasted when you learn why. Laggards like you are always the last to know. There’s nothing wrong with the evidence. It’s significant and supportitive. I have seen it. Apparently you have not. You’re watching too much CNN and MSNBC to be in the loop. You’re brainwashed. You need a brain enema!

  3. OK, what happens now?
    This has always been the problem. Use all powers of government on the Capitol “rioters” but do nothing to the election cheating cabal. Why?

      • @fraser m secret (aka doofus)

        You sir are either part of the problem (complicent, ignorant, blind or a shill) or well..yeah that covers it. The election was stolen pure and simple in at least 6 different ways.

        • You seem to be ignoring that such claims were rejected by the Courts. You are also forgetting that Trump claiming fraud is nothing new – he claimed fraud when he lost Iowa to Cruz in 2016 , claimed fraud before the 2016 election and even claimed fraud after he won because he didn’t win the popular vote. The guy is a notoriously bad loser.

  4. missing main info, CIA was doing all this “foreign” attack from langley virginia creating fake computer tracing fake ip addresses, they bragged about it years ago through Clapper’s big mouth, the lady voice over behind the graphs of foreign interference is a cia operative pointing fingers all over the world, while the crime was committed here in USA. hey lindell get the shit right, u r naive bumpkin

    • Morons and Bumpkins is right, but you’re pointing the finger in the wrong direction. You arw the kind of people most of the world is laughing at.

  5. We are reliving the 1960s. In November 1963, JFK was assassinated. In November 2020, Trump was Politically assassinated. When things spiraled out of control, the Government created the Warren Commission to run the “Official” cover up. The Government was afraid that we would end up at war with Russia if the truth was told. Today we have the “Cancel Culture” trying to put a lid on the greatest election fraud in history, because if the truth was known we would most likely be in at least a Cold War with China and thousands of powerful Americans would end up in prison or worse. I say, bring on the Impeachment Trial of President Trump and let him defend the allegations that he was lying about the election fraud. Mike Lindell only covered the tip of the iceberg. The Government has been keeping Judges in line with the threats of prosecution for releasing classified information, or just being investigated into bankruptcy, or that disclosure would force America into War with China. The Swamp is a den of Treason. If you work in Government and don’t put America first, and by your actions are providing aid to a foreign enemy, by default you have committed Treason.

    • WOW..Geek Guy, you are Spot On. What I want is Mary Fanning’s Report on 30 pages of ISP#s, area hit, use of password, firewall or both and the name of the ISP that sent it. Now That’s a Report everyone NEEDS to see. Yep, they (66% were from China) deducted thousands of Trump Only votes. So Geek Guy knows of what He speaks. Thank you for your patriotism.

  6. Thank you for this documentary, it just confirms what we the people were already thinking. God Bless you Mike and I just ordered Giza sheets for the first time and can’t wait to get them.

    • Judge Kenny on Melissa Carone “Ms. Carone’s description of events at the TFC Centre does not square with any of the other affidavits. There are no other reports of lost data, or tabulating machines that jammed repeatedly every hour during the count. Neither Republican nor Democratic challengers nor city officials substantiate her version of events. The allegations simply are not credible.”

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    81 Union St. #6
    Rockland, Maine

  8. Mike Lindell you are a Hero! Bless your heart to have the courage to expose these thieves. It’s about time someone steps up, I wish you the best for you and your company!

  9. The mere fact that hundreds of affidavits were ignored, when they’re proven to be evidence in a court of law, says all there needs to be said about how our democracy is simply the adult version of children writing letters to Santa Claus.

  10. Well this is well explained however with respect Mr. Lindell I don’t think it will unite the country or anything will happen. Deep state too big. If one person like Hillary can get away with her corruption, what makes u think thousands of corrupt scum will get caught?

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