Mike Pence Is Actively Campaigning for Biden by Demonizing DJT


The Face the Nation host, propagandist Margaret Brennan, asked Mike Pence what he thought of Donald Trump calling the J6 prisoners “patriots” and “hostages.” CBS undoubtedly had him on her show because she knew what the wuss would say.

 “I think it’s very unfortunate,” Pence began, “at a time that there are American hostages are being held in Gaza, that the president or any other leaders would refer to people that are moving through our justice system as hostages. And it’s just unacceptable.

“I was there on January 6th.  I’ve no doubt in my mind, Margaret, that some people were caught up in the moment and entered the Capitol, and they’re certainly entitled to due process of law for any nonviolent activities that day. But the assaults on police officers, ultimately an environment that claimed lives, is something that I think was tragic that day. And I’ll never diminish it.

The life it claimed was Ashli Babbitt, a Trump supporter, at the hands of a trigger-happy Capitol Hill police officer.

Of course, rioters need to be punished, but most of these arrested people did nothing more than trespass.

Pence continued, “And the legal system is processing these individuals through and giving them trials.

Brennan wanted to know if he thought the “public needs to hear and see some evidence in regard to the federal charges related to his alleged role in January 6. Do you think that needs to happen before Election Day?”

“Well, I, look, I think the American people lived through that moment. I and my family, and my team lived through it at the Capitol that day. I think most Americans know what happened…

“As I’ve said before, you know, I truly do believe that the judgment about the president’s conduct that day should have been left to the American people. I know it’s been brought into a criminal trial now, and we have cases around the country that have been brought related to that, notably in Georgia, but at the end of the day, I think the American people know what happened that day.

“And I said the people that ransacked the Capitol need to be held to the fullest account of the law, and I believe that they are. But the judgment about the president’s efforts that day, I think can be left to the American people.

“But, look, I, you know, I said last week that, you know, after a lot of prayer and reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m, I won’t be endorsing Donald Trump this year.

Then he went on with his usual narrative that he was proud of his record and the administration’s achievements.

“I mean, look, I’m very proud of the record of our administration, Margaret. It was a record that left America more prosperous and more secure, and our liberties and the sanctity of life stronger than ever before in my lifetime.  And access to learn more.

He is holier than thou.

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