CNN Drags Out Pelosi to Continue the Bloodbath Hoax.


CNN dragged out Nancy Pelosi to continue the “Bloodbath” hoax.

Former Speaker Pelosi accused Donald Trump of “praising Hitler” and calling the military “losers. They were hoaxes and did not happen.

As far as Donald Trump threatening a “bloodbath” if he doesn’t win, he said the auto industry was facing an economic “bloodbath,” and they are. China is building EV auto dealers in Mexico. At the same time, Biden is moving to ban gasoline cars. It will be a bloodbath for the auto workers. Biden is wrong on every decision he makes.

All these people carrying on today are in on the hoax. That includes Mike Pence. They have to be in on it because it’s obviously not true.

You would have to be fairly stupid to think he was planning an insurrection.

As Benny Johnson said, the media i very offended by the word, “bloodbath,” that they use all the time.

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