Mike Pence, Turncoat, Possible Candidate




Pence is a turncoat, but more importantly, he’s very wishy-washy. Mr. Pence seems out of touch in the clip below. You might even say clueless. We understand why he’s turned off to Donald Trump, but his McConnell-like, soft-on-Marxism bipartisan views could be a deal-killer. What do you think?

Mike Pence’s former national security adviser Keith Kellogg can’t stop pushing for war. He seems to have a warped ethical stance. For Kellogg, it’s “professional” to use Ukraine’s troops to fight a war [they likely can’t win] since it removes a “strategic adversary” [especially ours] and doesn’t kill US troops.

Do you have a problem with this?

Expect wars to continue with a turncoat president Pence.

According to this poll, DeSantis is leading Donald Trump. DeSantis is a good candidate, but we don’t know his position on foreign affairs or how he’d handle the border, economy, etc. It’s too soon to decide who the candidate should be; it should be the people, not the Deep State. Many Republicans are moving to DeSantis because they fear Trump can’t win with all the forces against him. It’s possibly beyond him.

Some see DeSantis as disloyal or a turncoat. We don’t see it that way. If Trump can’t beat him, he won’t win. We must win, but not with a RINO. He’s the only other non-RINO so far.


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