Mike Pence, Turncoat, Possible Candidate




Pence is a turncoat, but more importantly, he’s very wishy-washy. Mr. Pence seems out of touch in the clip below. You might even say clueless. We understand why he’s turned off to Donald Trump, but his McConnell-like, soft-on-Marxism bipartisan views could be a deal-killer. What do you think?

Mike Pence’s former national security adviser Keith Kellogg can’t stop pushing for war. He seems to have a warped ethical stance. For Kellogg, it’s “professional” to use Ukraine’s troops to fight a war [they likely can’t win] since it removes a “strategic adversary” [especially ours] and doesn’t kill US troops.

Do you have a problem with this?

Expect wars to continue with a turncoat president Pence.

According to this poll, DeSantis is leading Donald Trump. DeSantis is a good candidate, but we don’t know his position on foreign affairs or how he’d handle the border, economy, etc. It’s too soon to decide who the candidate should be; it should be the people, not the Deep State. Many Republicans are moving to DeSantis because they fear Trump can’t win with all the forces against him. It’s possibly beyond him.

Some see DeSantis as disloyal or a turncoat. We don’t see it that way. If Trump can’t beat him, he won’t win. We must win, but not with a RINO. He’s the only other non-RINO so far.


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Mark Schwendau
22 days ago

Pence has ZERO change of anything. Personally, I hate him as much as I hate Adam Kissassinger. It would be interesting to waterboard these two down in Gitmo until they revealed their true alliance and backers.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
22 days ago

First, I do NOT believe polls showing DeSantis ahead of Trump. Great governor that is he for Florida, I’m not even convinced DeSantis would win a Florida primary vs Trump Floridians like DeSantis; they LOVE TRUMP.

DeSantis is the current “darling,” of the Elites. I’ve noticed Fox News Retro Bait, First Class BETRAYER Paul Ryan, is shoving DeSantis down the throats of their viewers with his appearances on every one of their PM shows.

THAT ALONE gives me great pause about DeSantis. If Ryan is all in for DeSantis, be worried, BE VERY WORRIED.

When Pres Trump made that HILARIOUS statement about Biden, only thing he understood was “how to kiss Obama’s ass,” he left 2 people out of that joke. Paul Ryan and John Boehner, BOTH champions at puckering up for Obama’s ass.

There is NO doubt, the Left, the Deep State, Dems, DC Elites are STILL PETRIFIED of Trump. If DeSantis were to win the candidacy, there is also no doubt the Left, Dems, MSM will decimate him. We have ALL heard the MANY remark, nobody BUT Trump could possibly survive all that they did to him, INCLUDING turning the full force of the federal Deep State against him. Hell, they even recruited FOREIGN agents in their quest to take him down. And STILL HE STANDS.

Am frankly disappointed with DeSantis. Were it not for President Trump, he would not have survived his primary challenger – GOP Elites put their everything, including milions, behind their RINO choice. DeSantis was scraping floor dust until Trump stepped in. And Trump stepped in AGAIN when DeSantis was losing to the incredibly corrupt Democrat candidate for governor.

Strategically, DeSantis should wait. After his second gov term is completed, he will have 2 years to focus on his presidential bid

Also, Trump MUST finish what he began. Term #1 was to EXPOSE the MASSIVE corruption – check. Term #2 was to CLEAN HOUSE. The ENORMOUS PURGETrump will conduct WILL have the MSM, Dems, DC Elite garbage LIT ON FIRE. They will go crazy but, it needs to be done. And frankly, DeSantis must keep out of that, remain a bit distant from the frey. We will need him come 2028 to rebuild our federal government.

Be smart, people. The Left have already exposed their game plan for DeSantis. “He’s a WORSE NAZI than Trump,”. DeSantis is more intractable than Trump. That’s just a small preview,

There is good reason they are STILL all,about Get Trump. He IS KRYPTONITE to the Left, the Deep State, the GOP Good Ole Boys who Have betrayed us in EVERY WAY for DECADES.

As for Mike Pence, after he betrayed, not JUST Trump but America, that he is even considering a run for the WH CLEARLY demonstrates just how arrogant AND unbelievably detached from reality he remains.

Pence is living proof, you can take the man out of the swamp, but you can’t NOT take the swamp out of the man. The Day he turned his back on America, the DAY he ALLOWED Squatter Joe and his merry band of incompetent LUNATIC inmates to STEAL control of the asylum, is the DAY he committed political suicide.

22 days ago

I’ll never forget the time during a Trump / Pence Covid briefing where Pence was doing his utmost to avoid answering a question and Trump stepped up and answered it directly. The look on Trump’s face showed he wasn’t too happy with Pence. I believe it was about Medicare.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
22 days ago
Reply to  Greg

You’re right, Pres Trump does give non-verbal cues to how he really feels.

After the initial onslaught of Covid, I noticed a fleeting glimpse of a “side eye,” look he began shooting at Fauci’s direction. Watch carefully, you will see what I mean.

Last rally he had, Lindsey Graham was there, spoke briefly … I saw that SAME side eye look he gave Graham.

Am sure this will happen again when he’s forced to “fraternize” with DC scum. Look for it, am sure you will see it.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
22 days ago

Pence’s interview is artificial. His head movements, facial expressions and language show that. He has always been that way. His remarks are carefully scripted.

His advisor’s remarks are similar. The Ukraine war is not “removing a strategic adversary”. That is language designed to impress the elites.