MS-13 Runs a Mexico Smuggling Operation, Sending Their Terrorist Members to the US


According to a recently unsealed indictment, MS-13 has expanded its operations into Mexico, running migrant smuggling routes. In part, the purpose is to send reinforcements into the U.S. to replace gang members who get arrested or deported, federal prosecutors say.

Donald Trump was impeached over a harmless phone call, and Biden is allowing an invasion, but that’s not a problem. Why?

Mexico, the narco-terrorists

MS-13 terrorists watch La Bestia for rival gang members. When they find them, they execute them brutally. Central American migrants who aren’t gang members either pay or are killed.

This is according to charges handed up by a grand jury in Long Island, New York. Long Island is now a home base of MS-13 in New York, thanks to open borders. They force illegal alien youth into gangs. They essentially followed them here.


MS-13, formally known as Mara Salvatrucha, launched a “Mexico program.” The purpose is to expand its reach between Central America and the U.S., where it has operated for decades.

It even created a “contingency” leadership structure in Mexico. It is capable of taking control of the gang should El Salvador, its chief base, get serious about eradicating the gang from its territory, the indictment said.

MS-13 is not a street gang. It’s an international terrorist organization.

The indictment, filed in the Eastern District of New York, was dated Sept. 22 and charged 13 people. It was unsealed last week as authorities announced that three of them had been found in Mexico. They were expelled by Mexican authorities into the U.S. The FBI and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested them. They appear to be top leaders.

The indictment detailed MS-13’s vast criminal enterprise in El Salvador, Mexico and the United States. The gang employs horrific violence to extort money and exert control, officials say, and has been linked to more than 65 murders in the New York area since 2009, reports the New York Times.

“Mexico, from Palenque to Tijuana, has become a lucrative route for them to smuggle people, drugs, and guns, and also to monitor other groups,” he said.

Politico has a guest essay from a Salvadoran guerrilla leader and a US Marine who work together to combat the fentanyl crisis. Read the whole story here. It’w worthwhile.

…the nature of organized crime. It is soulless, cruel, and the antithesis of a peaceful, democratic existence. And organized crime has taken its brutality to a new level with its latest commodity: fentanyl.

Out of 107,375 people in the United States who died of drug overdoses and drug poisonings over the course of a year, 67 percent involved synthetic opioids like fentanyl, according to the CDC. This drug, illegally manufactured mostly in Mexico, is the scourge of police departments and hospital emergency rooms across the country and the subject of heated congressional hearings on Capitol Hill.

But one tool to combat fentanyl has been overlooked. If members of Congress or the Biden administration really want to take on this deadly drug, there is an opportunity to seriously debilitate the organized criminal syndicates that make, import, and distribute it to the American people: Secretary of State Antony Blinken should designate these narco-syndicates as Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Unfortunately, Blinken is not a serious man. His goal is war elsewhere.

READ THE INDICTMENT: ranfla_ii_indictment_foreperson_signaturepdf_0


Origins of MS-13

MS-13 started in Southern California in the 1980s as a gang for Central American illegal aliens. When members were arrested and deported, the gang took root in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, where it gained exceptional power.

They report back to El Salvador and have gangs throughout Mexico, the US, Canada, and other nations. They pay a tithe to El Salvador.

El Salvador then arms them with explosives, grenades, machine guns, and rockets.

MS-13 also established terrorist training camps to create a cadre of fighters able to go toe-to-toe with the Salvadoran government.

“The Enterprise established a Mexico Program to control immigration routes and extortion schemes within Mexico, increase drug trafficking operations to El Salvador and the United States, obtain weapons for use in El Salvador and have a second command structure within Mexico as a contingency plan in the event leadership in El Salvador was rendered ineffective due to the efforts of the government of El Salvador,” the indictment charged, reports The Washington Times.

That included ordering MS-13 members to patrol the train routes used by migrants, known as La Bestia, or the Beast, to demand payment and to “throw migrants off the train who refused to pay, leading to serious injury or death for those victims.”

You should know that academics are complaining that the FBI is exaggerating.


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