Mike Pence Will Run in 2024 Whether Trump Does or Not


Mike Pence is laying the groundwork to run for President in 2024 according to the Wall St. Journal. He’ll run whether Donald J. Trump (DJT) runs or not.

Mike Pence during his ’60 Minutes’ interview

“Ultimately, I believe that most Americans understand that we did our duty that day under the Constitution and the laws of this country,” Mr. Pence said in an interview of his actions on Jan. 6, when he resisted pressure from Donald Trump to delay the certification of the electoral votes, the WSJ reports.

Not delaying the certification is one thing, but Pence could have offered some verbal support for Donald Trump at the time. He didn’t.

The WSJ said that people in the Capitol that day were calling for Pence’s hanging.

That wasn’t a serious threat but RINOs and Democrats won’t let it go.

As for Pence’s run for the presidency, there is a problem.

“The Trump base in many states is very firm and very loyal,” said Pennsylvania pollster Terry Madonna. “That’s Pence’s problem. He has to find a way to move some of those people over to him and campaign without alienating that base.”

Pence wants to go with Trump’s agenda but presents himself as a less controversial personality. Unfortunately, some see him as a wimp.

“The president and I had very different styles, we’re different men,” Mr. Pence said. “But we were working shoulder-to-shoulder…and we delivered for the American people.”

Mr. Pence lined up a high-profile advisory board for the Indianapolis-based group, including several people who worked for Mr. Trump. Members include former counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway; former director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow; former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos; and David McIntosh, president of the conservative group Club for Growth.

He is also expected to form a super PAC, which can accept unlimited funds, people familiar with the planning said.

Pence is traveling and speechifying throughout the country and even in China.

Pence is the McConnell choice or at least one of the choices. This whole idea sounds like the idea that Jeb Bush had. He was going to win the Primary without conservatives.

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6 days ago

“Benedict Arnold” Pence did not just betray his President and his 80 million voters, he betrayed every last freedom loving person on earth when he not only allowed the phony results to be certified but then attended the inauguration of the demented fake and blessed the installation of the Obiden Junta that in a short 18 months has plunged the nation and the world into misery, war, famine and chaos. Anyone who supports him is endorsing all the evil his betrayal released upon us.

Mark Schwendau
Mark Schwendau
9 days ago

So Dominion favors him next?

9 days ago

He’s as delusional as the Senile Sap!

9 days ago

MikePence and I have one thing in common, neither of us will ever be president.

9 days ago

He will be embarrassed HUGHLEY