Mike Pence’s Presidential Campaign Is on Fire – In a Bad Way


Mike Pence plans to run for president in 2024 and even though he hasn’t declared — it’s obvious. To prove he could collapse his campaign in record time, he told Republicans to support the FBI and volunteered to appear before the one-sided J6 committee. This isn’t satire.

After the FBI’s egregious behavior raiding former president Donald Trump’s home and office at Mar-a-Lago, he defended the FBI.

According to the Washington Examiner, Pence had a message for his fellow Republicans – do not attack rank-and-file FBI personnel.

Acknowledging Republican concerns about the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s lavish Mar-a-Lago resort last week, Pence warned the GOP to steer clear of calling to defund the FBI or taking their ire over the raid too far.

“Our party stands with the men and women who stand on the thin blue line at the federal, state, and local levels. These attacks on the FBI must stop,” Pence declared at a forum in New Hampshire Wednesday. “Calls to defund the FBI are just as wrong as calls to defund the police.”

No, we don’t stand up for the FBI right now. Out of 35,000 FBI employees, only 14 went to Chuck Grassley to blow the whistle.

We don’t have to stand with people who don’t stand with us – 99% donated to the
mentally impaired President Joe. Also, how many Peter Strzok’s are there? We don’t know, but we do know the FBI doesn’t hold them to account.

Does Pence think Republicans want to defend the FBI right now? That’s quite a gambit.

We know the men and women of the FBI have to follow the orders of their superiors even if it ruins the country and unfairly labels a former president. Fine, but it doesn’t make anyone respect or support them.

We don’t stand for the FBI now that the agency is corrupt and weaponized. We do support law enforcement, but there are way too many corrupt FBI agents. Supporting law enforcement doesn’t mean we have to do it blindly. Unfortunately, the FBI isn’t worth saving, and it’s time to break up the politicized, weaponized FBI. You can’t reform the mess.

Pence already said that he’d “consider” testifying before the January 6th committee if there was an invitation.

During a Q&A after a speech at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics’ “Politics & Eggs” breakfast, Pence said:

“If there was an invitation to participate, I would consider it,” Pence said, after calling January 6 a tragic day for all Americans. “But, you heard me mention the Constitution a few times this morning. Under the Constitution, we have three co-equal branches of government, and any invitation to be directed to me, I would have to reflect on the unique role I was serving in as vice president. It would be unprecedented in history for a vice president to be summoned to testify on Capitol Hill. But, as I said, I don’t want to pre-judge, so if there’s ever any formal invitation rendered to us, we would give it due consideration.”

The J6 panel is 100% one-sided. There is no representation from opponents, no due process, no calling of witnesses or cross examination, no presentation of evidence with debate. Then they refer the poor targets to the DOJ.

Yeah, that’s another winner. Good work, Mike!

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
1 year ago

Hey, Mike Pence, you’ve already shown us who and what you are. No need to CONFIRM your status as a Great Betraying Swamp Rat, we’re already quite convinced.

Sorry but, THE DAY Trump tapped him as VP, watching, listening to him speak, my hackles raised up and got that “uh oh,” feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I no longer call any of them RINOs, they crossed the line from RINO to TRAITOR years ago. All those so called, “conservative,” nothing BUT GREAT BETRAYING TRAITORS

Mark Schwendau
Mark Schwendau
1 year ago

The problem with Mike Pence, for me, is twofold;

He could have, and should have, stood up before the House on January 6th and said, “I am not going to allow for the certification of this election until the FBI and DOJ investigate evidence of systematic voter fraud in at least 6 states of the nation.”

Some said he had no authority but that is an out-and-out lie and here is your proof!


The second issue I have with Pence is these persistent stories of inappropriate sexual encounters between him and an aid which I am not sure what to think about….

The best thing Pence could do now is to ride off into the sunset never to be heard from again!

1 year ago

President Trump has created a New Standard. If you can’t throw a monthly rally and give an hour long speech, drawing a crowd of at least 10,000 people, you’re not Presidential Material. That pretty much cancels out every Democrat and RINO.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Mike Pence is like a pale ghost, just wafting and gliding around with no inspiring message of any kind for anyone. Great leaders inspire others to do great things, and very similar to the underdeveloped mope Joe Biden, Pence isn’t someone who encourages or energerizes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Harrison Pendleton
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Pence spends lots of time in NH and Iowa. If he speaks to a real crowd and issues his usual milquetoast RINO remarks, he will be loudly booed.

He has a major omission. The local police are not criminal operations. The FBI is a nationwide criminal operation destroying the nation. His comparison failed.

His campaign now focuses on the elites, to please them with his words. He seeks their support in the party, funding and media. He is auditioning to be the RINO candidate. This time the corrupt GOP wants there to be one major competitor to Trump only. Pence is faltering and Haley is entering the contest. She has less exposure than Pence, so is less hated, I think she will be the RINO candidate for president.

Pence seems to have an impractical idea how he will become president. Trump will be indicted and/or blocked in some other way off the GOP primary ballots. He will assume the top position and conservatives will rush to him to save the nation from the crazy leftists. We’ll vote for him because we have no other choice. But in the real world, 5% of GOP voters would stay home, Pence would lose all battleground states and be greatly defeated.