40K Migrant Children a Month Handed Over to Unvetted Adults


Illegal alien children are handed over to unvetted adults. They could easily be perverts. In just the Texas area alone, around 30,000 to 40,000 children are moved around the country.

“In this exclusive interview, a whistleblower for MVM Inc., a federally funded migrant escort service, details how thousands of children are being shipped throughout the U.S. on charter flights and buses. He also details how employees of this company are not receiving proper background checks and are handing children off to improperly vetted adult “sponsors.” His testimony gives us a chilling insight into how our own government is using tax-payer money to put migrant children at risk, all across the U.S.,” Savannah Hernandez says.

These could easily be pedophile rings that the US government is facilitating.

“No rules are being followed,” the whistleblower says. Too many border crossings, too many children…these companies get millions of dollars but won’t do their job with these children. Anyone, including perverts, could easily get access to these children.


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