How Climate Change Hoaxers Expose Themselves Given Time


How Climate Change Hoaxers Expose Themselves Given Time

By Mark Schwendau


Many Americans, like myself, have been concerned about conservation and recycling before climate change became a mainstream news talking point.  We have also been concerned about finding alternative energy sources at home and on the road.

These concerns were not about any belief in manmade climate change or air pollution but rather wanting to simply be good stewards of the earth. Logic says there will only be so much fossil fuel in the ground, and once it is gone, it is gone.  Logic says Asia pollutes the most and does not have any equivalent to the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), so they really don’t care about air pollution, and there is really nothing we can do to make that horse come to water and drink.

The mainstream media is gaslighting Americans on climate change for one simple reason, money!

The “Green New Deal” is more about the green of money than any sincere interest in climate change or protecting Mother Earth. Money members of Congress can benefit from insider trading.

There are four simple ways we know this:
  1. All of the past failed climate change predictions by talking heads like Al Gore and John Kerry.
  2. Their blatant hypocrisy in talking the talk but not walking the walk (flying private jets rather than commercial with the rest of us commoners).
  3. The complete and utter lack of interest in common sense passive solar and other renewable energy generation methods.
  4. Most of us believe in recycling; yet in many blue states, while it is against the law to put such things as landscape waste or electronics into garbage cans for pickup, they offer few options for how one is to legally dispose of these two waste products.

In other words, sometimes we need to evaluate people and their sincerity about a cause by what they do not say/do rather than what they do say/do.

Some examples to highlight their hypocrisy:

Asphalt parking lots are tremendous generators of heat. Yet, we still do not have universal design plans that require they have islands with Deciduous trees to offer shade to reduce heat generated by the sun on the asphalt pavement as well as the cars sitting on them becoming little stoves.

Houses can be designed to be more energy efficient, and we know this, and yet we still do not have universal design standards requiring them to be constructed for the same. For example, concrete foundations transmit hot and cold, much like water, and a tremendous amount of energy is lost through them because of their low resistance (R) values.  We know we can change this by simply insulating them.

We know we can plant conifer (evergreen) trees to block prevailing winds to reduce wind chill factors.  Similarly, we know we can plant deciduous (leafy) trees to block the sun from radiating our homes.  We know simply putting air conditioner units on the shady side (north) of the house can help them work better.

All of these common-sense design elements go unspoken by the climate change talking heads.

The big one, for me, occurred when I visited the Alps in Europe.  In one town I visited, I asked them where they got their electricity, and they said, “Hydroelectric.”  All the snow and rain running down off the mountains gave them a constant source of running water whereby they could make dams with electric generators to capitalize on the running water.

When was the last time a hydroelectric dam was built in America?  They say some are working on using the ocean tides to generate electricity, but we are not hearing much about that form of hydroelectric energy generation either.

My logic is the wind may not always blow, and the sun might not always shine, but water always has to flow.

I first became interested in these false climate change prophets as a young boy. I remember my father reading from a Chicago Sunday newspaper. He related an article about how some scientists believed we were heading for another “ice age” due to all the new commercial “jet traffic” in the air running set patterns, which would alter the upper air jet streams over time. My father read the article to the family and then laughed and said one word, “Idiots.”

Dad was also a very deep and smart man.  As I got older, he knew I was going off to teach in higher education. He warned me, “Just don’t ever become one of those ‘publish or perish’ professors who will put any bull sh*t into print just to keep your job.”

Dad, long gone all these many years later, I also believe this is what we are seeing in the realm of climate change. People are being coerced to play along. Much of what is published is not just bad science; it is science fiction.

Journalist Mark J. Perry wrote a very good 2019 article where he painstakingly documented all of the failed climate change predictions (less the one I noted above) for The American Enterprise Institute.

50 Years of Failed Doomsday, Eco-pocalyptic Predictions; the So-called ‘experts’ Are 0-50”

Now, journalist Chris Morrison, writing for The Daily Skeptic, makes us laugh in his article of just five days ago.

The Mainstream Media is Gaslighting Us About Climate Change
He opened with:

“In 2013, the CNN presenter Deborah Feyerick asked if asteroids falling to earth were caused by climate change. Earlier this year, CBS anchor Nate Burleson commented on the Tonga earthquake by saying: ‘We talk about climate change… these stories are a harsh reality of what we are going through. We have to do our part because these are more frequent.’ Last week, the academic networking blog The Conversation discussed the Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption in Iceland and asked: ‘Is climate change causing more eruptions?’, adding that it had the potential to increase volcanic eruptions and affect their size.

Dear God – they’ll be telling us that climate change causes lightning next. Wait, hang on – “Washington DC lightning strike that killed two serves as climate warning” – Reuters, August 5th.”

Even though the liberal Democrats of the left preach to us about tolerance and acceptance, that is not who they are. If you deny their definition of climate change, you are a “climate denier.”

My response is always the same, “Better to be a climate denier than a damned liar!”

So they resort to name-calling, shaming, and shunning in the absence of credible provable science. The recent news that the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) has bounced back to health, showing record new growth, was a disaster for mainstream media outlets. GBR observer Professor Peter Ridd was vilified for coming out with this news and fired from his post at James Cook University.  HOW INTOLERANT!

This year, the Daily Sceptic reported the Associated Press would be adding two dozen new journalists to cover “climate issues.” Five billionaire foundations, including the left-wing Rockefeller operation, supplied $8 million for this thrust. AP reports over 50 jobs are funded from these sources. The Democrat power couple of James (son of Rupert) and Kathryn Murdoch helps pay the AP climate issues staff’s wages as well. On their Foundation website, they state:

Quadrivium supports the bipartisan passage of a US climate strategy that doubles as an economic growth strategy. We believe it is long past time for Republicans to have a plan to combat climate change, and the Carbon Rebate plan from the Climate Leadership Council is poised to be just that. With Republican leaders and Nobel Prize-winning economists signed on, now it needs to build overwhelming support in Congress.”

Just as we stated before, this is about money; it is also about control. Control brings money.

Make no mistake; the global media is gaslighting Americans over political climate change to get them to give up control and sovereignty of their country. This is what Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have as an end goal.

Carbon footprints and carbon taxes are other areas of the climate change hoaxsters.

“Carbon Tax Scam” – Clear Energy Alliance”

A number of reputable climate scientists have been quick to point out that plants breathe Carbon Dioxide and give off Oxygen, so this is misinformation by the hoaxsters. They point to the South American rainforests coming back with a vengeance because of this “climate change” and view that as a very good thing.

It is interesting how the mainstream (fake) news media perpetuates this climate change myth.  Being a newsy, I remember how the Atlanta, Georgia, area was in a dire drought in 2016.  Then they got rain.  Now it is Lake Mead, and it just got some rain.  No doubt more will come in time to refill the lake.

Down in Argentina in South America, they just got record snowfalls as they are into their winter season. Scientists down there said this could be a foreshadowing of what North America could get this winter in our winter season.

Those who pontificate lines like, “Humanity is forcing the climate to disastrous new extremes,” neglect God in the big picture.  God made the world.  This is His world. He will make the climate change.

Any thinking American who gets their news from sources other than the mainstream news media will tell you; that manmade climate change is real in some instances.

When you have open borders, and you let a bunch of un-vetted jackasses into your country that hates you and your country, they will want to “burn it down,” as they say.  Unreported by the legacy news media is a significant number of forest fires are being intentionally set as arson by these un-vetted enemies within.  In some instances, these illegal aliens with origins in the Middle East have been captured.  But in most instances, they have not.  In some instances of fires, the origin remains “undetermined.”

If Joe Biden ever gets his Ministry of Disinformation back, “climate change” will have to be a topic prohibited for discussion.  It is a proven hoax about nothing more than money and control.

Didn’t Gore say 16 years ago New York and Miami would be under water by now as all the ice caps would be melted?

It turned out his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” was “An Ill-conceived Spoof”!

“Gore gets slammed over false global warming prediction.”

Those who are Christian Bible believers call on false prophets to be shunned. It is high time Al Gore and those like him not be given any more air time.  It is high time they all be shunned!

Copyright © 2022 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He classifies himself as a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist.  Mark is an award-winning educator who has published seven books and numerous peer-reviewed trade journal articles, some of which can be found on the Internet.  His father was a fireman/paramedic, while his mother was a registered nurse.  He holds degrees in technology education, industrial management, OSHA Safety, and Driver’s Education.  His personal website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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virginia lamp
virginia lamp
1 year ago

theres no profit in truth or peace..governments arent needed if there is true peace and prosperity in a country..governments are a creation to generate money and wealth .. whenever and wherever there is a crises the government manufactured it
count on it.then they want you to count on them to clean up their mess..
in my state of kansas we had a fairly good life under republican governors. the democrat governor we have now is trying to get control of landowner water use rights
through the hoax of a water crises..funny we didnt have that till she showed up..once she does it she can control private gardens..she wants legalized having a garden for food will be come a crime..growing and using pot will become normal and accepted..with one extra nicety thrown in..when pot becomes legal your right to own a gun for personal protection goes away as soon as it becomes law so you cant even defend that private how does a republican state get a democrat governor and then it stays another term..through election fraud /manipulation..the pro democrats here n kansas explained what they do..they just find more candidates to run in the elections to split the republican votes so the dems win. in 2018 this was done and again in 2022..we got lucky to get kobach back..governor kelly in her debate said she had no intention of even running for office until she learned kobach wanted the job..she doesnt care about anything or for kansas..shes tried to remove voter id and get rid of it..she tried to put us on the failed power grid in texas..she tried to get rid of kansas energy independence. she loves climate change..she brought her tools of division and inequality to transform kansas into a blue her words we are backwards behind the times and ignorant and need to be like her home state new jersey..she does not reflect kansas.her base is 3 counties out of 32..big law every 10 years due to population changes those
voting districts should change.when it came time to do it in 2020 she would not allow this legal kansas constitutional law be enforced..

1 year ago

Author “Schwendau … classifies himself as a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist”

A TRUE realist does not believe in a fantasy such as “God” and needless to say that a fantasy “can cast” anything. It informs us of the madness of humans and what a lunatic world we live in — The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room

CAVEAT— only read the 2 pink elephant article if you’re GENUINELY interested in the truth and therefore “CAN handle the truth” …

1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Schwendau

Your line of argumentation does not invalidate your engagement in fantasies. A “Near Death Experience” is no evidence of a reality of “God” but it is evidence of a brain/organism in a particular state of being. Your allegation of “Miggan” to not having “an open mind and be open to possibilities” is, too, baseless and even slanderous. That defensive unscientific reaction of yours, and your second to last sentence, are you saying ‘whoever does not share my God fantasy and dismisses God is closed-minded and degenerative.’ I see THAT as being “sad” … very sad.

Mark Schwendau
Mark Schwendau
1 year ago
Reply to  Laterbu

If you were really a person of science, you would know that all of these people of NDEs having the exact same brain/organism particular state of being is statistically impossible. Also, Agnostics and Atheists previously have shared the exact same experiences.Do you even know what slanderous means?

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Those are the men and women who issue great lies for their greed and (more) wealth, yet stupidly, always get busted with their simpleton major hypocrisies. A group who aren’t too bright off the bat.

Sick of it All
Sick of it All
1 year ago

When I was in the 4th grade, 49 year’s ago, my teacher freaked us out by saying that Fire Island would be under water in about 20 years. That, in turn, would threaten the our little island. The propaganda started in the early sixties and hasn’t stopped.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sick of it All
1 year ago

Fantastic article that should be posted in every forum possible and required reading for all people everywhere.

1 year ago
Reply to  PanamaPat