Millions in Germany Could Go Without Heat This Winter


Germany fears MILLIONS of houses will be left without heating this winter as low pressure in gas pipelines due to Putin cutting supplies causes breakdowns.

Russia has reduced gas supplies into Europe to 20%. Gas prices are skyrocketing and there is less pressure in the pipes. As a result, some households will be cut off entirely.

German deep freeze coming with lack of gas and pipeline breakdowns.

Germany is working to fix the issue, but no one is ready to forsake the climate change crazy, which some suggest is the real reason behind the sanctions.

Those sanctions hurt the West far more than Russia. These people aren’t stupid. They know that.

Russia wants to be paid in rubles since the sanctions limit their use of eurodollars.

Prior to the war in Ukraine, Russian gas accounted for around 40 percent of the EU’s usage. By comparison, that figure is roughly 4 percent for the UK.

Some countries – including Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands – saw their supplies cut over their refusal to pay for Russian gas in robles.

Germany relies on Russia for at least 50% of its gas.

It’s not only breakdowns they have to worry about. Germany faces a cold winter regardless without natural gas.

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1 year ago

President Trump Warned Germany! Now Germany may collapse within a year and if it does will take the rest of the EU with it. The Old Money Europeans in the World Economic Forum Cult foolishly thought they could take on the Russian Bear. Europe has made this mistake a number of time in the past, but hasn’t learned it’s lesson.

1 year ago

Germany will collapse this Winter along with Olaf’s coalition of clowns. Time for anew leader to emerge and repair relations with Moscow.