Millions of Future Democrats Are Flooding the Border


Joe Biden and his team are behind illegal immigration, and the people they allow in will never leave. As America First Legal found, ICE can’t even remove dangerous illegal aliens without permission. Millions are coming into the country and they will never leave.

Currently, the borders are under siege, and the administration is assisting Mexico in organizing its entrance. Except for the Texas governor, there is no resistance on the American side other than helping them come into the country.

According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has been coordinating with Mexican immigration officers to facilitate group swims across the border using an encrypted WhatsApp channel.

Mexican immigration officers explained to the Center for Immigration Studies that in late April, DHS initiated a “controlled-flow” system with Mexican officials.

NineNews Nancy, formerly with NBC, tweeted a clip from Tucker Carlson noting, “Well over 6.5 million illegals” have come into the country. “Millions MORE in coming now. Showing up globally w/UN & US cash cards. Secretly moving them to the interior of the United States. We won’t recover. It’s NOT a mistake — it’s a PLAN Impeachable under Article lV Section 4″

How long before DHS Secretary Mayorkas sues Texas for protecting the United States borders?

Border Patrol told a reporter with Frontlines, Drew Hernandez, that about 90% of the illegals will receive “NTA'” – Notice to Appear – for a later date, and less than 10% will show up.

ICE cannot remove dangerous criminal aliens without permission from government bureaucrats. They sometimes have quite a wait to simply do their job.

So far, ICE has produced data on 24,000 illegal aliens against whom an enforcement action was approved.

At a time when the Biden Administration and radical left would have you believe that all illegal aliens are legitimate asylum seekers in search of a better life, the data tell a vastly different story and show that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

ICE data so far:
  • The words “homicide” or “murder” appear 1,770 times combined.
  • The word “sexual” appears over 4,620 times.
  • The word “minor” appears over 1,800 times, and “child” another 3,463.
  • The word “rape” appears over 1,000 times.
  • The phrase “controlled substance” appears over 1,850 times.
  • The word “DUI” appears over 1,500 times.
  • The word “drug” appears nearly 7,900 times, and narcotic another 600.
  • The word “fraud” appears over 1,200 times.
  • The word “trafficking” appears 1,670 times.
  • The word “assault” appears 8,890 times.
  • The word “Robbery” appears 2,250 times.
  • The words “gang” or “cartel” appear 700 times combined.

The word “Restitution” appears 66 times. For the 35 individuals for whom an ICE officer listed the amount of restitution owed, they owe a collective $100 million for offenses that include tax fraud, health care fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, and other criminal acts. Eighteen aliens have court-ordered restitution exceeding $1 million each, including two who owe over $10 million each. One alien, convicted of defrauding the United States Government of over $56 million, single-handedly owes $28 million in restitution for health care fraud.

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6 months ago

When Trump is President they will be Gone in 90 Days. All he has to do is declare that any Adult Illegal Alien (People who entered Illegally) found in America after 90 days will shot as a Spy. All minors will be deported. Then after 90 days turn the Militias in every County in the Country loose to hunt Illegal Aliens down. The Exodus will be a tidal wave. About half a million people a day. Good Luck Mexico! Payback is a Mother! (Since California is a Sanctuary State they can all go to California, but California should get no Federal Funding for them. California is a lost cause anyway!)

I would dare Congress or the Courts to try and stop this. America takes in more Foreigners, Legally, than any other country in the world. I’m all for Legal Immigration of people who can enrich America. I’m not for Illegal Workers, Sex Slaves, Drug Dealers, the Mentally Ill, and Foreign Criminals crossing our Borders at will.

Democrats apparently are all for Slave Labor and Little Children as Sex Slaves. There are something like 85,000 missing Illegal Alien Children who are most likely now Sex Slaves and it’s the fault of This Democrat Administration which is run by a Traitor named Joe Biden who professes to be Catholic. The most hideous thing is that NGOs like Catholic Charities and UNHCR are getting rich supporting this Slave Trade! Since Catholic Charities openly admits to and fund raises off of supporting this slavery, people no longer wonder why I am no longer a practicing Catholic.

6 months ago

I guess the country needs to hit rock bottom before the morons wake up.