Minneapolis cuts $8 million from police budget during a crime wave


The Minneapolis City Council, the city where a combative drug addict died in police custody, passed a budget on Thursday that cut $8 million from police funding. This is during a steep increase in crime.

The money will go into mental health and violence prevention programs, which are notorious under-performers — during a crime wave.

The plan is called “Safety for All.” They plan to completely dismantle the police department eventually but that plan was stalled.

Council President Lisa Bender announced the budget and the program on Twitter:

Steve Fletcher of Ward 3 added, “In 2021, our city will implement mental health emergency response, support community safety programs, add violence prevention capacity, and improve police accountability.”

“Thanks and congratulations to everyone who advocated for these important investments to make our city safer and more just,” Fletcher said. “it’s a big win and an important first step toward a transformed system of public safety.”

The future victims might not think so.

For now, the cut isn’t monumental. They have a $179 million budget, but they are looking to moving forward with more drastic cuts to abolishment.

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2 years ago

I think they really want white people to abandon the city, and they will, except the most bovine with a death wish. Then they can have their POC Paradise.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago
Reply to  Lydia

Trouble is, the White people you refer to are liberals who caused all this by voting in the city government goofs along with their worthless governor. Like leftist Californians and leftist New Yorkers fleeing the high taxes and havoc they caused, nobody wants them infecting their state. I know I don’t want them here but they’re coming anyway and diluting the conservative mindset of the majority.