Minneapolis declares racism a “public health emergency”


Racism, which is stereotyping people according to personal characteristics like skin color, is now a “public health emergency” in crazy Minneapolis.

They must have missed the pandemic and the expansion of power by the Chinese Communists. Minneapolis was literally in flames with a half-billion dollars in damages, but, oh well, blame the cops and not the perpetrators.

The resolution is ridiculous. It goes back to slavery and unfairness to indigenous people. They say racism is institutionalized, but, please, show me one law that institutionalizes racism. Those Democratic laws, like Jim Crow, are GONE!

It also goes into alleged police violence and black people with the virus. They are going to fund a slew of agenda items based on skin color, so you could call it reparations.

Racism against whites is still okay.

Read the Resolution which I got from an excellent website called ‘Legal Insurrection.’

Minneapolis City Council Re… by Legal Insurrection on Scribd

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