Left eats left-winger Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen DeGeneres was hit with toxic workplace allegations and there are rumors that her behavior is “cold,” according to media reports.

Let’s see if the left eats itself before they get a chance to overthrow the government. The race is on! Eat away!

Ten former employees said she allowed producers to establish a toxic workplace environment.

The group blamed executive producers and senior managers. But Ellen’s name was behind it all.

A former employee said she needs to take responsibility.

The former employees gave this info anonymously to BuzzFeed. Right there, you can’t trust them. They want to trash her without any repercussions. Why are they ‘former.’ Were they fired? We should know that.

For their part, the producers say they are taking the complaints seriously and they are “open” and “inclusive.”

DeGeneres has been attacked lately for being “cold and distant” and for not telling employees about pay and hours during the pandemic. Some security guard said she was rude.

Oh, give me a break. Whiney ingrates? Disgruntled employees? Just wondering.

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