Three arrests in big BLM mural case in New York City


The ladies in the video below can be watched covering up de Blasio’s graffiti in front of Trump Tower. Three people have been charged and a fourth received a summons. I hope they don’t call it a hate crime and send these people away.

This is the same city that lets vandals destroy statues and damage St. Patrick’s Cathedral without prosecution. The city is undergoing a crime wave, but the important thing for the leaders is that these three are punished.

Also, let me add that lettering does not a mural make. And supporting ”trained Marxists” isn’t what deBlasio should be doing.

Two protesters were captured on the video below dumping blue and white paint on the mural that Mayor Bill de Blasio had installed in front of President Donald Trump’s Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Authorities said three people were arrested and given desk appearance tickets. They have since been released. A fourth person was issued a summons for posting flyers.

One of the group said you have to let me go — no bail law.

A man splattered red paint on the mural site Monday. Police released surveillance footage of the person and are still looking for him.

Juliet Germanotta and D’anna Morgan, the two protesters who allegedly dumped paint on the mural Friday, said they were against the BLM mural being painted in the first place.

“It should be all lives. All includes Black lives, brown lives, white lives,” Germanotta said in an interview with CBS 2 News.

Watch (I love these ladies):

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