Minneapolis discusses bringing in outside cops after voting to defund theirs


Star Tribune video reporter Mark Vancleave noted in tweets that the Minneapolis City Council is divided over defunding the police and bringing in officers from elsewhere to Minneapolis. He produced a two-hour special and we have a brief clip and somewhat longer clip of it below.

Apparently, crime is skyrocketing after they portrayed all police as racists and abusive. And they voted to defund the police.

The riots and looting that followed George Floyd’s death led to some strange decisions by the city council who are now seeing the results of their knee-jerk reactions

They want to bring in officers from outside Minneapolis, but we contend anyone who takes the job is playing with fire. They will not get one ounce of support if they have to shoot a minority criminal.

Mr. Vancleave wrote, “Tomorrow, the Minneapolis City Council will be voting on a $500K proposal to bring in officers from other agencies to assist the Minneapolis Police Department. That’s a tiny drop compared to the $185M MPD budget, but…”

“The debate around the plan showed just how divided the council is over the role of police in addressing the surge in murders and violent crime Minneapolis is experiencing now. It was unlike any city council meeting I’ve seen before.”

They have lost about 150 officers but don’t people think that the Ferguson Effect is in play? Minority criminals have more power than the police.

Watch the nine-minute clip:

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