Minnesota Legislator Accused of Marrying Her Brother Voted for Health Insurance for Terrorists


The woman accused of marrying her brother while married to someone else in a possible immigration fraud case, became a Minnesota state legislator this past election. She took the oath of office on a giant Koran to become America’s first Somali legislator. Ilhan Omar also became the first Muslim legislator to vote for health insurance for terrorists.

She was one of only two members of the Minnesota State House to vote against a bill that would allow life insurance companies to deny payouts to the beneficiaries of terrorists who die in violent attacks on Americans.

The House voted 127-2 to pass the bill, which now moves on to a vote in the State Senate.

Omar, who represents the heavily immigrant Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis, was joined by fellow Democratic Rep. John Lesch of St. Paul in voting against the bill.

In February, the pro-Sharia legislator protested a bill with a provision increasing the penalties on protesters who shut down highways or block access to the airport. Among others, that would be the Black Lives Matter crowd.

A boring speaker, she droned on and on at the time, causing some of the male legislators to take a break. One Democrat leader, Melissa Horton, took exception to some of them leaving, calling them racist and sexist. The male members of the legislator found the language insulting and divisive. Remaining in character, Omar followed up with this tweet.

She’s a horror.

This leftist Somali is a member of a fairly extreme Islamic organization – the Muslim American Society of Minnesota.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago

Here in Canada it is harder to get in formation on our politicians, but I know our minister of immigration is a muslim refugee from Somalia…put in place by our very liberal Justin Trudeau who hates Canada about as much as Obama hates the USA.

These days Canada takes in pretty much nothing but muslim refugees/immigrants, and a muslim refugee from Somalia is in charge of immigration.

It is like putting a fox in charge of not only counting the chicken but putting a fox in charge of deciding how many foxes can enter the chicken house.

I give it 10 years and some towns or cities in Canada will be under sharia law.

Maybe Trump can save the USA, but if in 2020 a democrat is elected, you know within 10 years sharia law will be applied in some parts of the USA.

Liberals are madly in love with muslims and if they could replace us all with muslims they would do it.

which is why I think it is far from radical to call liberals traitors, it is simply telling the truth about the left.

if Lepen is not elected France will be even more islamized than it is now.

Islam is winning thanks to the traitorous left and their traitorous main stream media.

by the end of this century the entire west will be part of the caliphate…unless the people wake up and do something…but the way things are going…islam is winning and if you have children, their children or their grand children will live under sharia…unless something big happens…but I am losing faith…it seems most people are too stupid…they are sheep, they go where they are told to go, they do what they are told…

most people are not even aware of what is going on, and when we tell them they don’t think it is a serious thing…they are more worried about fake threats such global warming or a nuclear war with Russia…

Islam is winning unless enough people wake up and do something to stop this.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago

It took thousands of years to bring Western Civilization to where it is now, the most advanced civilization in the history of mankind, but it will only take leftists a few decades to turn it all into a primitive barbaric society…where women will be hearded like cattle and female genital mutilation will be common…

It is sad

speaking of that…Did you hear the New York Times refuses to call female genital mutilation what it is; female genital mutilation?

why is the left always taking the side of the enemies of what is good, sane, decent or logical?

why have millions of people gone mad?

I’ve been saying for a while now that the liberal/left will not stop until there is nothing left to destroy
in western civilization…

I think it sad what is going on.

scary and sad…and very hard to comprehend…

6 years ago

Boy.. this immigrant ASSIMILATED into the political community REAL fast… lied, married her brother to gain benefits, votes AGAINST paying monies to beneficiaries of terrorists, wants Sharia Law, and then babbles on and on and complains when someone is tired of hearing her rhetoric as racist and sexist. Sounds about right… Maybe her and Franken are related too…lol She should be charged AND removed as a politician so we dont have to hear her camel dung speeches any more