Universities Are Becoming Leftist Indoctrination Centers


The Oregon Association of Scholars (OAS) reported a very disturbing trend in an increasing number of universities according to The College Fix. Institutes of higher learning are requiring diversity statements as part of their hiring requirements.

Diversity includes a leftist commitment to “race, gender, economic justice or inequality,” according to the Oregon Association of Scholars’ report.

It’s their way of keeping right of center professors out of the colleges and universities. Colleges are now leftist indoctrination centers.

We really need to stop calling these people liberals. There is nothing liberal about them, they are leftists.

According to the report, professors must wholeheartedly agree to “keep the white students from dominating all classroom discussions,” and “reflect a commitment to queer visibility,” while advising students against the temptation to “thoughtlessly reproduce the standard white and Western model of legitimate knowledge.”

They’re bigots. We should not be categorizing people and limiting them according to the color of their skin or their sexual preference, but I state the obvious.

In our universities today, Ann Coulter can’t speak but communists with a criminal past like Angela Davis get a warm welcome. If people want to worry about Russian influence, this is the influence they should worry about.

The Wellesley News, the student paper of that very expensive, very elitist northeastern institution gives us a glimpse into the bastardization of free speech:

Many members of our community, including students, alumnae and faculty, have criticized the Wellesley community for becoming an environment where free speech is not allowed or is a violated right. Many outside sources have painted us as a bunch of hot house flowers who cannot exist in the real world. However, we fundamentally disagree with that characterization, and we disagree with the idea that free speech is infringed upon at Wellesley. Rather, our Wellesley community will not stand for hate speech, and will call it out when possible.

Who decides what is or isn’t hate speech?

Wellesley wants to shut up anyone who doesn’t agree with them:

Wellesley students are generally correct in their attempts to differentiate what is viable discourse from what is just hate speech. Wellesley is certainly not a place for racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia or any other type of discriminatory speech. Shutting down rhetoric that undermines the existence and rights of others is not a violation of free speech; it is hate speech. The founding fathers put free speech in the Constitution as a way to protect the disenfranchised and to protect individual citizens from the power of the government. The spirit of free speech is to protect the suppressed, not to protect a free-for-all where anything is acceptable, no matter how hateful and damaging.

Howard Dean just said hate speech is not protected by the 1st Amendment but it is in fact the exact speech it is meant to cover.

Some of these hard-left professors are certifiable but nothing happens to them. They keep their jobs.

For example, Bob Lange is an associate professor emeritus of physics and an adjunct associate professor at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management. He says, “It is not terrorism to kill representatives of a government that you are opposed to.” Lange maintained that the 2012 terrorist attacks on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya — which killed four people and injured 10 others — were “not terrorism.”

A University of Washington Tacoma Writing Center press release told students that expecting Americans to use proper grammar perpetuates racism. The problem is “whiteness” lingo.

Orange Coast College suspended Caleb O’Neil for violating an obscure school policy against recording classroom lectures. It’s what he recorded that was disturbing to the college administration. He recorded a human sexuality professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, spending class time telling her students that Donald Trump’s election was an “act of terrorism” because he is a “white supremacist” and Vice President Mike Pence “is one of the most anti-gay humans in this country.”

Commentator Dennis Prager recently wrote a column titled “Why Professors Object to Being Recorded.” Prager says: “Our colleges and universities (and an increasing number of high schools and elementary schools) have been transformed from educational institutions into indoctrination institutions. With the left-wing takeover of universities, their primary aim has become graduating as many leftists as possible.”

We have universities demanding leftist professors and students demanding the silencing of people on the right.

It’s a formula for a Fascist society. It’s coming.

Tucker interviewed a leftist student from NYU who wants college Republicans shut down. Listen for a sense of what’s going on:

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