Misgendering, Fake Beauty, Anti-Jokes – Tools of the Contrarian


Fairfax Schools are looking at a rule suspending students for “malicious misgendering” – not satire. They plan to suspend students up to five days if “frequency and intensity” are present. Obviously, that has constitutional implications since it’s unconstitutional to compel speech.

It’s hard to believe this isn’t satire. Gendering and crazy pronouns are totally made up and they are only meant to control. They use gender dysphoric people to further their far-left agenda.

Speaking of satire, comedians Ricky Gervais and David Chappelle are facing down the cancel culture as they joke about LGBTs as they would anyone else.

Comedian Mark Dice takes it on in the clip below. As he mentions, the Marxists have taken on the role of contrarians to destroy everything we believe and trust.

This is funny:

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