Missiles Fired at a Warship Was More Serious Than First Reported


At a time when the US is overextended in Ukraine, and our country is unprotected with open borders and enemies pouring within, it looks like the Middle East is blowing up and might not be contained.

A case in point is an update to the October 19th story in which the USS Carney was attacked. At the time, the US Navy said they didn’t know if the Houthis in Yemen, proxies of Iran, deliberately aimed at the US ship.

As information was released, we found it was far more serious than first reported.

On Friday, CNN produced more details on the strike. It was a deliberate strike. Houthis would not have attacked without Iran’s permission, and Iran wouldn’t attack without China’s approval.

It was far more serious than we thought. The barrage against the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, the USS Carney, was more sustained by an assault of four cruise missiles and 15 drones, all shot down by the warship over nine hours as they were heading north along the Red Sea.

According to a US official, CNN said that certain projectiles were flying in altitudes that posed a potential risk to commercial aviation. The USS Carney used SM-2-surface-to-surface air missiles to intercept both drones and missiles.

Over three days last week, there were multiple attacks on US positions in the region.

On Wednesday, two military positions in Iraq were targeted by one-way attack drones. There were some minor injuries as a result. On Thursday, a Garrison in Syria, which houses US and coalition forces, was targeted by two drones. There were also some minor injuries. On Friday, two rockets were launched at the Baghdad diplomatic support center near the airport. One was intercepted, and the other hit an empty building in Iraq.

CNN said that the Pentagon has not disclosed the source of the attack, but they are consistent with past attacks carried out by Iranian proxies against U.S. forces in the region.

The Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said they wanted to show their displeasure.

At the same time, Hezbollah has been stepping up its attacks on Israel from Lebanon.

USS Carney Public Domain
Original Story October 19

A US Navy destroyer operating in the Middle East intercepted 2-3 missiles near the coast of Yemen on Thursday, two US officials told CNN.

One of the officials said Iranian-backed Houthi militants fired the missiles. They are Iran’s proxies.

The officials said it was unclear what the missiles were targeting. It’s possible the missiles were fired at the USS Carney or launched toward another target.

This comes after the horrendous genocidal terror attack on innocent people in Israel.

The problem with our administration is they keep trying to appease Iran and other bad actors. It’s poor leadership and poor foreign policy.

As an example, Joe Biden plans to give $100 million to Gaza immediately after the attack of Israel. There is no way to separate Hamas and Gazans from the $100 million. Hamas is the government and has full access. If you want to keep your head, you don’t argue with these people.

Biden also released Iran from sanctions restricting their sale of oil, missiles, and drones. Iran’s making a killing now.

Pathetically, I have to hope saner minds prevail in foreign nations to save us from ourselves.

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